Justin Bieber: The ‘Butt’ Of The Joke Seen ‘Round Instagram  

Justin Bieber 'Vacation Butt' Pic (Instagram/Justin Bieber)

OMG! WTF! Oh Brother! Why is that Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” comes to mind right now?

Justin Bieber, just when I think that I am done analyzing your outrageous, childish antics and just MAYBE you’ve grown up a little bit, you just go and you show your whole butt to the entire world. WHY J.B. – WHY? Why put a photo like that on instagram? What purpose does it serve? Just like the Bieber of old, it’s all about press – good or bad. But if Justin would finally come to the realization that people are literally making fun of him rather than embrace him or those two cheeks, maybe then he could start to truly repair his tarnished image. Sorry was nice but definitely won’t erase his horrible choice, and frankly, standing on a boat with it all hanging out doesn’t seem too repentant or seem like there’s new music or progress…

Oh another question – why is it Justin that you like being nude so much? Yes, the old saying is “if you’ve got it than flaunt it” but can’t subtlety appeal as well? And, if you feel the need for nudity, why not in the confines of your own life and not broadcasting every bit of that on instagram or social media in general! There are few that will deny that Justin Bieber is handsome or even that he’s buffer than he once was, but still – does his skin need to be so overexposed to the whole world? Put those goodies back into the jar Justin – please! Those shots will be on the Internet forever and ever, just think how scary that is! It’s not called the WORLD WIDE WEB for nothing!

But by writing this short, trashy post, what am I doing as a blogger/music journalist? Feeding into the machine – the monster – that is press, good or bad. Justin Bieber has always loved press, lately he’s been quieter, and so what better way than ‘sex’ as in ‘sex symbol’ and ‘skin’ to get people talking again. He knows how to manipulate us, and as much as we hate that manipulation, we thrive off of it as well.

One last thing though… Honestly, I would rather have a new Justin Bieber album be the focus of the press rather than his butt. His butt (literally and metaphorically) has been OVEREXPOSED for some times. But new music, well that hasn’t hit since 2012’s Believe, which by the math is 3 years – nearly an eternity in an ever-changing, trends-driven music industry. ‘Stead of showing off the abs and the booty Biebz, better be showing off them pipes and a new album.

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