Examining Miguel’s ‘Wildheart’ – Through The Lyrics

Miguel, Wildheart © RCA

One of contemporary R&B’s most intriguing musicians is Miguel Pimental, best known by just his first name, Miguel. After captivating critics and fans alike on his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream, Miguel returns with his highly anticipated third album, Wildheart. You can find a ‘traditional’ review of Wildheart by yours truly here. So that said, this is no traditional review but rather an examination of some of the album’s most intriguing lyrics and the interpretation of what those lyrics mean.

1)“Speeding through all of these red lights, fast life / dreaming a beautiful exit / we’re gonna die young” – “Abeautifulexit” (Chorus)

Interpretation: It’s a risk anytime that you drive through a red light – you could end up in a fatal accident. What Miguel is suggesting is literally “speeding through all of these red lights,” but metaphorically living on the edge and ultimately dying young because of the thrill.

2) “No fear, no shame, wildhearts can’t be broken / you’re here for a reason” – “Abeautifulexit” (Verse 2)

Interpretation: The key parts of these lyrics are “no fear, no shame.” Like the aforementioned lyric from “Abeautifulexit,” it’s all about living on the edge and enjoying life to the fullest, even if it means an early demise – “a beautiful exit.”

3) “Love me, love me for profit, I can make you go down / I can show you the money if you wanna go out” – “DEAL” (Verse 1)

Interpretation: The “profit” of which Miguel speaks of here seems to be sex.

4) “Want money? Got clout / Need b**ches, need b**ches / Give it to me” – “DEAL” (Chorus)

Interpretation: The “DEAL” is again, what’s going to go down in the bedroom. We all know what that is…

5) “I’m your pimp, I’m your pope, I’m your poster baby / Confess your sins to me while you masturbate… this is hard babe, play your part baby / Then we all get paid” – “The Valley” (Verse 1)

Interpretation: Does this really need an interpretation? Miguel is begin naughty. He’s horny, and “it’s about to go down.” Case closed.

6) “I wanna f**k like we’re filming in the valley / I wanna push and shove and paint your hills and valley / I got a red idea to expedite the ride / put it over, pull em to the side…” – “The Valley” (Chorus)

Interpretation: The second excerpted lyrics expand upon the fantasy/reference that Miguel began earlier. Call it “Hollywood” love…or lovin’…

7) “We talk street art and sarcasm / Crass humor and high fashion / peach color, moon glistens, the plot thickens…” – “Coffee” (Verse 1)

Interpretation: Miguel and his boo talk about random things, and then rather than talk, they begin to play…

8) “Wordplay, turns into gun play / And gun plays turns into pillow talk / and pillow talk turns into sweet dreams / sweet dream turn into coffee in the morning” – “Coffee” (Chorus)

Interpretation: You do realize that Miguel doesn’t mean literal “coffee,” right? “Coffee” represents the ultimate guilty pleasure – the refresher in the morning. Miguel’s coffee is not only his boo in general, but also, um, the “pleasures” they experience in the morning.

9) “It’s the smell of your hair / and it’s the way that we feel / I’ve never felt comfortable like this” – “Coffee” (Post-Chorus)

Interpretation: Miguel does a fine job of laying it out here himself…

10) “She just wanna have fun / she just want a wild n***a right now / She just wanna f**k crazy / She just wanna f**k ‘till she can’t move no more” – “NWA” (Verse 1)

Interpretation: She’s bad, he’s wild, and the mix of both will make for wild sex essentially. Any questions? – Didn’t think so.

11) “Don’t stop, I wanna ride that wave / all night, I wanna ride that wave / Look here, I’m gonna surf in it baby / I’m getting turnt in it baby / Putting work in it baby / Keep working it while I ride that wave” – “Waves” (Chorus)

Interpretation: Innuendo to the nth degree. There is no literal wave. He’s going to “ride” something, but she’s the “wave” of choice.

12) “Too proper for the black kids, too black for the Mexicans / Too square to be a hood n***a, what’s normal anyway?” – “What’s Normal Anyway” (Verse 1)

Interpretation: Miguel doesn’t fit the mold. Sure, not everyone can relate to the specific scenario Miguel offers here, but what is relatable is “not fitting” into certain characterizations. The big picture is broader than the specific one Miguel offers here.

13) “Too immoral for the Christians, but too moral for the cut-throat / too far out for the in crowd, what’s normal anyway?” – “What’s Normal Anyway” (Verse 2)

Interpretation: Basically, the same explanation goes as in #12. This time, Miguel just switches it up between “moral authority” and outright heathens. He’s a sinner, but not the chief amongst sinners…something like that.

14) “Said wow, up fame, became your religion woman / Unique as you are your faith is coming / now the walk of shame woman, it’s reputation / Cheap thrills, fake friends, coke binge, what a numb sensation…” – “Hollywood Dreams” (Verse 2)

Interpretation: You can go a lot of ways with this particular quote. If you examine this literally, this girl has become a star, hence attaining her “Hollywood Dreams.” Also literally, there are drugs involved. Metaphorically speaking, “Hollywood Fame” seems less important, as this quote/song seem to be about a relationship of excesses – sex, drugs, and general irresponsibility.

15) “I’ve got a gun, called love, let’s have some fun, baby you’re in love…” – “Destinado a morir”

Interpretation: This is not about a glock – at least not the kind those without a dirty mind are thinking about…

16) “If we should die, I hope we die together / if not, at least I’ll know just where we’ll be” – “…goingtohell” (Verse 2)

Interpretation: Ah, more of the whole “death” thing. Basically, Miguel is willing to accept that he’s going to hell, but it’ll be better since him and his boo are both sinners so they’ll go together. There’s some problems with this thinking obviously, but you can see Miguel’s thought process.

17) “I’m a slave to your flesh / Woman put me right where I belong” – “FLESH” (Chorus)

Interpretation: One word – sex.

18) “Lost summers here as we both bathe in sweet sin / Leave it to me, I’ll give you something to believe in” – “FLESH” (Verse 3)

Interpretation: What he’s giving her “to believe in” is SEX. IT’S OBVIOUS PEOPLE!!!

19) “Heart caught in a rift, cold pacific waters / keep on pulling me under, drowning in my sorrows…You say that it’s over / how could it be over? I never saw it coming…” –“Leaves” (Verse 2)

Interpretation: The relationship is down the tube, and Miguel “never saw it coming.” The sentiment here is universal to say the least.

20) “Cause when it’s time to face the sun / I know that you’re the only one” – “Face The Sun” (Verse 1)

Interpretation: He’s in love with her – not like, but genuine love. This is not sexual, but based upon a genuine, emotional connection. 

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