Madonna Shows The World She Still Has Shock Value in “B–ch I’m Madonna” Video

Madonna raves in her "Bitch I'm Madonna" music video (Interscope, YouTube)
Madonna raves in her “B*tch I’m Madonna” music video (Interscope, YouTube)

Raise your hand if you were one of those terrible souls to write off Madonna’s career as of late – just admit your sins and ask for forgiveness. Truthfully, a lot of people probably would raise their hands to such a question it posed, and for good reason. Rebel Heart is a terrific album, but despite its quality, folks didn’t buy it and the album’s impact has been minimal. Despite Madge’s fierceness and asserting herself to be an “Unapologetic B*tch,” “B*tch I’m Madonna,” and “Iconic,” it doesn’t change the fact that she has peaked, is past her prime, and is 57 (as of August 16, 2015). You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but Madonna isn’t too old, and her music video for “B*tch I’m Madonna” shows her haters why she’s Madonna.

Madonna kisses a shirtless dude in the "Bitch I'm Madonna" music video (Interscope, YouTube)
Madonna kisses a shirtless dude in the “B*tch I’m Madonna” music video (Interscope, YouTube)

OR MAYBE, Madonna gives haters more fuel for the fire. “B*tch I’m Madonna” is bold, but arguably it’s a desperate bold because it’s so over the top. Isn’t the expectation that Madonna shocks us in both her music itself and the accompanying music videos? Can “B*tch I’m Madonna” ever supersede the classicism of Madonna’s classic music videos? Nah, but Madonna surely does everything in her power to make “B*tch I’m Madonna” a ‘classic.’

After kissing the shirtless dude, Madonna continues on to the rave in the "Bitch I'm Madonna" video (Interscope, YouTube)
After kissing the shirtless dude, Madonna continues on to the rave in the “B*tch I’m Madonna” video (Interscope, YouTube)

Here’s are observations of things that take place in the video:

  • A quartet of little girls dancing and singing the first portion of the song, specifically the sassiest, least age appropriate line, “cause I’m a bad b*tch”
  • Madonna appears, working out for the briefest of times in the gym.
  • Madonna kisses some random shirtless dude wearing colorful shorts, he watches Madge as she continues walking. Hmm, wonder what he’s thinking…
  • Madonna slaps a passing black girl with a towel on her butt, further asserting just why she’s Madonna? …
  • Diplo is going into a room on a rolling clothes rack. As to why the producer is sitting on it, well that’s yet to be determined.
  • There are two nude Asian girls in a bathtub…well they have pasties on – still NUDE!
  • Madonna does some wild rave moves, dancing with Asian ladies, who happen to have their clothes on – of some kind! There are also some black dudes, including a guy in a firefighter outfit…
  • Celebrities Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Diplo, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry all get their “B*tch I’m Madonna” quote in…. Cyrus might be is the worst. Kanye West also appears, but he doesn’t get that particular quote in.
  • There are and puppets, one of which has a chain reading “B*tch I’m Madonna” – surprised?
  • Nicki Minaj performs her rap on a portable LCD television screen.
Diplo makes an appearance in Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna" music video (Interscope, YouTube)
Diplo makes an appearance in Madonna’s “B*tch I’m Madonna” music video (Interscope, YouTube)

So what does one ultimately make of this video? It’s understandable why some look upon it in disgust as being childish, classless, and played out. Madonna isn’t nearly as culturally relevant as she’s been in the past, so this feels like she’s trying too hard. Then again, it’s also understandable why some might think it’s something that 57-year old Madonna can produce something like this. This definitely feels like a younger artist’s music video (and single itself), so give her credit for her swag and those grillz. When it’s all said and done, the final judgment probably lies somewhere in the middle. The sassy little girls and the girls in the pasties are too much though maybe kissing the shirtless dude in the colorful shorts isn’t too far fetched? Wouldn’t be the first music video as of late with “guy candy” if that’s such a thing.

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  1. madonna always did what she wanted and back in the day kept a legit hit. now its desperation playing on what Rick James got a recal on. thing is Madonna got such a wack track and yet it will get some buzz.thing is she did a little bit of everything nad made it work that is the key.

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