Lil Mama Has Lost Her Mind on “Sausage”

Lil Mama, Sausage (3)

Has Lil Mama lost her mind? After hearing “Sausage,” the answer is a resounding, indisputable YES SHE’s LOST HER MIND – throw in the “hell” for emphasis and intensifying purposes if you wish. The first thought that came to mind was WTF – what is the “Lip Gloss,” “Shawty Get Loose” rapper aiming for? More importantly, is Lil Mama even really taking herself seriously? – She couldn’t possibly be! This, undoubtedly was the reaction of most who partook “Sausage.”

Lil Mama, Sausage (6)Lil Mama, Sausage (8)

So, enough ranting and raving, now time to dissect Lil Mama’s “Sausage” – Phew that didn’t sound right! So let’s go macro first. It would seem, that Lil Mama is throwing back to the 1990s, lifting bits and pieces from a number of prominent artists and songs from that time. That makes perfect sense, even if it’s so much and so “over the top” it’s hard to absorb everything Lil Mama is reminiscing about. The 90s throwback includes Madonna (“Vogue”), Mary J. Blige (“Seven Days”), and The Wu-Tang Clan (“C.R.E.A.M.”) among others.

Lil Mama, Sausage (10)

“Sausage” isn’t merely restricted to the 90s, which adds to the craziness of the song. The intro samples Big Sean (“I Don’t F**k With You”), clearly from 2015. The outro takes it back to the late 60s, specifically Dionne Warwick’s “Walk On By.” Michael Jackson gets a nod via “Smooth Criminal,” which hails from 1987. Kelis is included on the action, even if Lil Mama alters the quote: “My milkshake brings the boys to the basement.” And keeping it relevant, Lil Mama drops a reference to Lebron James, arguably the best player in the NBA currently: “Look at the way that they hate, look at the greats / look at me, look at Lebron.”

Lil Mama, Sausage (7)

For all its references, give Lil Mama her due credit. But what does sausage itself have to do with “Sausage?” For a while, Lil Mama seems to keep things focused. Following the intro, the ridiculous hook takes off: “Eggs, bacon, grits (SAUSAGE) / you better used a condom if you taking that (SAUSAGE) / all these broke n***as that be on my (SAUSAGE)/ Need to hop off (my SAUSAGE).” So if the hook needs explanation, the first line takes breakfast literally – sausage naturally follows in the progression. The next line changes gears, referencing sex, specifically having safe sex and “wrapping it up.” That’s a respectable message, but does “condom” ever sound right within a song, ever?

Lil Mama, Sausage (13)

Arguably the best part of the hook is when Lil Mama goes in for the kill: “All these broke n***as that be on my (SAUSAGE) / need to hop off (my SAUSAGE).” In other words, Lil Mama is telling people, “GET OFF MY DICK.” While it is a sexual metaphor, like any other rappers who have spit comparable lines, it’s not literal. It would seem Lil Mama is talking about others trying to imitate her style like a copycat (“Hey, you, get off my style / you don’t know me, and you don’t know my pals…Ill with the flow and it only gets better / save your breath if it ain’t about cheddar.”

Lil Mama, Sausage (9)

After a while other than the hook, sometimes sausage falls by the wayside. In Verse two, Mama focuses on bacon and references Betty Crocker in reference to “cakin’” or making money.   In verse three, food isn’t important, as it’s not mentioned. So, you have to assume Mama’s comeback and she personally is really the “sausage.” She’s putting all the weight on that particular breakfast item, which in her eyes caps off the meal. She’s the best and people are on her sausage because of it – Makes perfect sense, right?

Lil Mama, Sausage (4)

So, does Lil Mama get her intended effect with “Sausage?” The answer is yes and no. The ‘yes’ part is that Lil Mama satisfactory caught people’s attention with her off-kilter comeback much the way she had everybody into her “Lip Gloss” back in 2008. The “no” is that “Sausage” doesn’t necessarily feel like it will reinvigorate Lil Mama’s career in the long run. That isn’t to say it won’t stir a buzz as it has as of yet, but just how many sausages can Lil Mama pull out? Again, that totally doesn’t sound right in the least! Guess there’s no need to ask if she’s referring to patties or links…

So “Sausage” has a little bit of everything: food, sex, throwback vibes, and cockiness (get your minds out of the gutter). Some will love it, others will hate it, and everybody will laugh at the ridiculousness, particularly amplified by Lil Mama’s facial expressions and acting.

All photos are screen shots from the World Star Hip Hop exclusive premiere. 

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