Maroon 5’s “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” Is This Summer’s Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

Maroon 5, V © Interscope

First thing’s first, this guy is a Maroon 5 fan. Yes, since their days singing Songs About Jane, particularly horny “This Love,” Maroon 5 has ranked among not only my personal favorite pop group, but the sentiment has been clear across pop culture itself. However, following the underrated Hands All Over album, specifically upon the release of number one hit single “Moves Like Jagger,” the formula for the band began to change a bit. Yes, that ugly thing called conformity began to rear its ugly head, hence why album Overexposed is arguably the collective’s least consistent, least likable. V didn’t bring the ‘heat’ back like say Songs About Jane, but it was a better-rounded affair than Overexposed.

V has had some great singles, not to mention its share of controversy. “Maps” was solid, but perhaps not the sexiest single of Maroon 5’s career. “Animals” was hella catchy, but on the flip side of things, its suggestive lyrics took quite a bit of criticism. Furthermore with “Animals,” its risqué music video only amplified the controversial aspects. Then came “Sugar,” the funkiest single of the bunch where Adam Levine’s falsetto sounds as potent as it did with Maroon 5 first bowed. So where does album five, appropriately entitled V, go from here?  Following a reissue, V gave us the ultimate guilty pleasure to make summer even better – “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf—-r.”

While a single that laces profanity always piques one’s interest, often, it can have an adverse effect and turn folks off. Yes maybe that sounds surprising in a new generation where f-bombs run rampant, but even commonplace profanity can make folks gasp. When I first saw the song pop up in iTunes, I wanted to roll my eyes – “Really Maroon 5, you are issuing a song with MF in the title?” I also said to myself, “Has Maroon 5 totally given into being conformists embracing all things commercial?” While the answer is obviously YES (who isn’t), “Summer’s Gonna Hurt” is nothing short of a treat. Sure, the harmonic progression is simple – chords almost anybody could play – yet the song is just irresistible.

So what about the lyrics? Well obviously hook “This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherf—-r” is both energetic and explicit, yet you just wanna belt it out the first time you hear it. Sure parents won’t be pleased hearing teens ‘drop the bomb,’ but honestly, likely those kids have had practice – just saying!

After the initial hook, Levine begins depicting WHY “this summer’s gonna hurt.” “Her body’s like the summer / I’m in a trance or something / her mind is not, no / as sharp as all her diamonds.” So she’s beautiful, but that seems to be her sole virtue. Then the pre-chorus arrives, finding Levine characterizing her as “fancy” and proceeds to “see her when I go to sleep / I check my phone when I am weak / she never post anything deep / cause she’s so fancy.” So she’s high maintenance, not too bright, and she’s a representation of “summer,” which is “gonna hurt like a motherf—-r.” Proceed!

The second verse brings more of the same – “She wants it all” and Adam is getting nothing out of the relationship (“I’m ripping off that bandage / because I just can’t stand it).” So after another pre-chorus where she’s “Dancing on a fool / Like she’s seventeen and cool / she really thinks that she can move / but it’s just nasty.” Again, this relationship is not worth it, no matter how fly this girl looks. Look at the rest of the song and the point is obvious that this love thing is not going to last and it would be better if it ended before it began.

Ultimately, Maroon 5 have something with this big pop single. No it won’t supplant their classics, but this just might be one of the better songs of their career. It’s not deep and it’s frank, but in this day an age, isn’t that sort of what’s expected? V just got better with “Summer” on board!

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