Did Jamie Foxx Lose His Luster on ‘Hollywood: Story of A Dozen Roses?’

Jamie Foxx, Hollywood- A Story Of A Dozen Roses © RCA

May 18, 2015 saw the release of something folks hadn’t seen in five years – a new Jamie Foxx album (Hollywood: Story of a Dozen Roses). Jamie Foxx as a musician is extremely talented – a classical trained pianist and a soulful vocalist. In other words, Foxx’s talent rivals or bests many of his contemporaries that are full-time musicians without question. The problem is, his albums aren’t always as indicative of his musicianship. Unpredictable (2005) is arguably his best effort, while Intuition (2008) spawned the Grammy-winning hit “Blame It” featuring T-Pain. As for Best Night Of My Life, well – it was merely so-so. The same can be said of Hollywood: Story Of A Dozen Roses, which is Foxx’s weakest effort of modern times.

Listening to Hollywood, the question becomes, was this ‘comeback’ really necessary? The answer is a resounding NO as Foxx does himself little favors. While Hollywood received acceptable marks from me and some other critics, the general consensus is this is an album to serves little purpose and certainly doesn’t enhance Foxx’s career. Adding, “salt to the wounds” that exemplifies Foxx’s fifth project is that album sales are definitely suspect.

It isn’t surprising that the numbers are modest for Foxx for a number of reasons. One is that he’s been out of the game for five years and R&B has grown even cooler in appeal than it did when Best Night Of My Life arrived in underwhelming fashion. Another reason for Foxx’s modesty is the fact that Hollywood was quietly released as opposed to being promoted with great fanfare. Doesn’t it seem that major labels are unwilling to promote R&B albums as aggressively anymore? But then turning the other cheek, why promote something that isn’t likely to sell?

Ultimately, while no one is asking Foxx to forget about his music career, Hollywood seems uninspired and bored all the way around. Foxx needlessly uses f-bombs as a means to sound ‘hip’ and contemporary, while his come-ons just don’t fit the normal perception folks have of a 47-year old man. Then couple blandness and at times tastelessness with a lack of motivation on the part of RCA to aggressively promote the album, and Hollywood just seems unnecessary. Do I personally enjoy having another Jamie Foxx album in my collection? Of course, but after listening and indulging into the deluxe edition that cost two extra dollars, I can’t say that I couldn’t have done without it or will ultimately remember the album.

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  1. he still don’t have a party all the time for comedians turned musicians and he comes across like he is emulating artists on albums and it tank pulling his strings on album one,problem with him is that he is a marginal act with musical chops,however he is limited as a songwriter and he is missing somebody who could actually challenge him. he is jack of all trades
    and a master of not one. had he went from portraying Ray charles and actually took his music further then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. problem for him and yet the irony its not a problem,is that he is as good as you see him being. its just that he had some hits and has Ray on his wall to fall back on, however Jamie Foxx in the early 90’s was going reynolds wrap because that audience and buying public were smarter than the ones you have now IMO and you can quote me on that. Foxx is a good stage comedian lounge act and nothing more. he came around at a time where the lane was their for him and i like jamie foxx,however musically he is light in the cakes and its showing more than ever,however it was already there.

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