25 Chart Takeaways: Mumford & Sons Score Second No. 1 Album

Mumford & Sons, Wilder Mind © Glassnote

Shocking news: Mumford & Sons score their second #1 album! Of course they do – who expected otherwise? That totally predictable news and 24 other takeaways – some of which are much less predictable!

1) Mumford & Sons take their third album Wilder Mind to the penthouse aka #1. The numbers aren’t nearly as triumphant as they were for Babel back in 2012. Speaking of Babel, it improves from #175 to #89 its 103rd week on the charts. Sigh No More reenters the chart at #96, it’s 219th week on the chart.

2) Josh Groban doesn’t move… well he does himself, but his album Stages stays put at #2.

3) Now 54 lands at #3 – “That’s all I got to say about that.” Basically, the numbers are down for a Now That’s What I Call Music product.

Tech N9ne, Special Effects © Strange Music4) Tech N9ne lands in a familiar spot – #4. Special Effects follows previous albums All 6s & 7s and Something Else that also started at #4.

5) Has anyone noticed these takeaways remain in sync with the chart position? This one is no different as Zac Brown Band’s former #1 album Jekyll + Hide drops to #5 this week.

My Morning Jacket, The Waterfall © ATO

6) My Morning Jacket missed the top 10 on the Billboard 200 as The Waterfall settles for a #11 start.

7) Country singer/songwriter Chris Stapleton takes his debut album Traveller to a #14 start. Not sexy, but respectable enough for a relatively unknown musician.

Ciara, Jackie © Epic

8) Bad week for Ciara – there’s just no getting around it or justifying it. Jackie starts at #17, the second worst week of Ciara’s career. Jackie is a far cry off from the #2 start that greeted Ciara.

Alabama Shakes, Sound & Color © ATO Records

9) After two weeks in the top ten, Alabama ShakesSound & Color slips to #18. The album began at #1 and in its second week fell to #7.

10) Tyler Farr doesn’t fall gracefully. Suffer In Peace suffers from a 22-spot drop from #4 to #26.

11) NOW That’s What I Call #1s gets off to a modest #34 start.

Yelawolf, Love Story © Interscope

12) Yelawolf’s third week on the charts with Love Story sees a 25-spot drop from #15 to #40. These double-digit drops suck for the MC. He started at #3.

13) Yes, y’all are probably tired of hearing about Wale, but the MC’s uninspired run with The Album About Nothing provides “fuel for the fire.” This week, the set slips from #44 to #61.

14) Boney James lands at #76 with latest album, Futuresoul.

15) It continues to be a slippery slide for Kelly Clarkson. Piece By Piece sits at #93 this week.

16) twenty one pilotsVessel improves eight spots from #113 to #105. Blurryface arrives May 19th, 2015.

17) Frozen has finally gone “cold” – the soundtrack slips from #93 to #114. Most of us had long “Let It Go.”

Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell © Asthmatic Kitty18) Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell slips from #101 to #118. It’s not surprising for an indie album.

19) He may be “Drunk On A Plane,” but Dierks Bentley’s drunkenness didn’t help this week as Riser drops 24 spots from #96 to #120.

20) Ludacris is NOT in “Beast Mode.” Ludaversal falls out of the top 100 of the Billboard 200. How bad is the damage – BAD as Luda plummets from #68 to #123.

Blur, The Magic Whip © Warner Bros / Parlophone21) Blur had a respectable week last week as The Magic Whip debuted at #24, but they could’ve done without the 100-spot slippage this week. That’s right, The Magic Whip sits at #124 after debuting at #24.

All Time Low, Future Hearts © Hopeless

22) All Time Low is currently exemplifying their title as a 32-spot erosion drops Future Hearts to #132. That’s definitely not good considering the album has only spent five short weeks on the chart.

23) Tyler, The Creator can’t be happy – not that he was anyways! Cherry Bomb continues to underperform, “falling of the cliff” from #62 to #139. Four weeks in, there seems to be little hope for TTC.

Madonna, Rebel Heart © Interscope24) Madonna has had her worst selling album ever with Rebel Heart. This week, it falls 14 spots from #155 to #169. How in the world is a Madonna album sitting at #169 only nine weeks in?

25) Kehlani spends her second week near the bottom. No she didn’t “start at the bottom,” but two weeks in she’s at #189. A #36 start isn’t the second coming, but who expected such mediocrity in week two.

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  1. madonna ain’t got no songs and coming across like a desperate gimmick. ludacris done had his best days a decade ago. bottom line this is a slow time in music and nobody is knocking it out of the park yet. tell you this why with the news of Janet Jackson coming back maybe this will light a fire under what is going on. folks ain’t given vets a pass for being just ok, you gotta bring the goods.

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