The Death Of American Idol: Celebration of Life or Celebration of the End?

Kelly Clarkson, Piece By Piece © RCA

Time to break out the bubbly – like now! Has everyone heard the good news yet? American Idol has been canned. Somebody oughta shout right now! Yes, the show that was once a juggernaut but turned into nothing short of a boring, hot mess will survive just one more season. As to why a 15th season of the show is necessary might be the question of the year, but after 2016, Idol will be no more. To quote Madea, “Hallelujer!”

Is my jubilance – celebration of the end of American Idol – too much? NOPE. Idol has long lost its luster with its best, most profitable artists behind it. No longer are artists the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson or Fantasia coming out of the show. It’s grown stale and the lack of the original judges whose personalities were tied to the show’s success only hurt the show’s cause. No that’s no shade to Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, or Harry Connick, Jr. but still – there’s a whole group who felt the lack of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson just hasn’t worked.

Honestly, the show just grew predictable. Formerly a dedicated fan who voted and shook my head each and every time the wrong person was victorious (cough* cough* Kris Allen), beginning around season 12 (when Candice Glover won), I lost interest. I can’t say the same about other reality obsessions such as Survivor, Big Brother, or The Amazing Race. But these singing competitions (The Voice included) have lost a former believer. Wait, that sounds a bit atheistic – but you catch my drift!

Anyways, the decision producers made to end AI was the RIGHT one. It has BEEN time to move on from American Idol. The ratings have nose-dived, as has the talent. Maybe it is unfair to criticize talent I’ve eschewed for the past two seasons, but finding a pop idol doesn’t seem to be American Idol’s forte anymore. It really has never been the show’s strong suit, despite the artists who established a career after the show. And just look at how the guys have performed compared to the girls…now that indeed is a hot mess!

What is the best way to say goodbye to American Idol – how about “Bye, Felicia!”

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  1. the show killed its ownself off. when simon left it was a wrap basically. the show was a ground breaker and arguably one of the first things you associate with this new century. anyway when they started to pandering to either has been acts or acts trying to reach a wider audience who became judges then it killed off what chances the acts themselves actual had.

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