Ranking Ciara’s Albums from 2004 – 2015

Ciara, Jackie © Epic

In May 2015, pop-oriented contemporary R&B artist Ciara dropped her sixth studio album Jackie. The release of Jackie marks represents 11 years in the game, more than some R&B artists can boast of as of late. Though she is known most for her singles/records as opposed to being a dynamic vocalist with truly memorable albums, Ciara has had some notable moments over the past 11 years. No, not all of them ended up platinum, but here is how yours truly would rank Ciara’s albums between ’04 and ’15.

1) Goodies (2004)

Arguably both Basic Instinct and Ciara are better-rounded albums, but Goodies is Ciara’s most successful album in regards to top five hits. #1 hit “Goodies” was the “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” back in 2014 to say the least, and follow-up singles “1,2 Step” and “Oh” proved terrific as well despite missing the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

2) Basic Instinct (2010)

Ciara’s least successful album is arguably her best – ain’t that some ‘you know what’! Basic Instinct is known mostly for raunchy hit “Ride,” its best song but one of many strong records by Ciara. “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” opens the album with a bang, while “Gimme Dat,” “Speechless,” “You Can Get It” and “I Run It” are all exceptional songs.

3) Ciara (2013)

Is Ciara overrated? Maybe somewhat in everybody else’s view, but it is more mature than Goodies or The Evolution, her first two albums. The standout joint is “Body Party,” but there are other terrific moments such as “Sophomore,” “Keep On Lookin’” and “Super Turnt Up.”

4) Jackie (2015)

The main question for Ciara’s sixth album Jackie is does it trump Basic Instinct or Ciara, her most recent albums which many consider her best? Hard to tell but the early answer is no. Jackie has plenty of worthwhile moments including fierce opener “Jackie (B.M.F.),” the addictive “Stuck On You,” and promo single “I Bet.”

5) The Evolution (2006)

The Evolution was a huge hit when it arrived in 2006, selling 338,000 copies its first week – good for a #1 debut on the Billboard 200. Still, its hits never felt as spot on as those on Goodies, even though they were still solid. The best moments of The Evolution included “Like A Boy,” “Promise,” and “Get Up.”

6) Fantasy Ride (2009)

Arguably, Fantasy Ride and The Evolution are about the same where quality is concerned. Even so, The Evolution was the more successful album and most relevant in terms of commercially successful singles. Still, strong moments from Fantasy Ride include Grammy-nominated pop duet (with Justin Timberlake) “Love Sex Magic,” “Like A Surgeon,” “Never Ever” featuring Jeezy, and “Lover’s Thing” featuring The-Dream.


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