25 Chart Takeaways: Alabama Shakes Top The Billboard 200

Alabama Shakes, Sound & Color © ATO Records

It was a good week for Alabama this week – both Alabama Shakes and Yelawolf came to play on the Billboard 200. Shawn Mendes downgraded while Sam Hunt upgraded. All those takeaways (and more) here for your partaking!

1) Alabama Shakes debut at #1 with its sophomore album, Sound & Color.

2) Furious 7 continues to dominate all facets of pop culture. The soundtrack remains firmly planted at #2 this week, after Shawn Mendes’ Handwritten knocked it out of the top spot last year.

Yelawolf, Love Story © Interscope

3) Yelawolf may have struggled out of the gates when Radioactive bowed modestly at #27 back in 2011, but Love Story lands at #3 with more well-rounded numbers. Will Yelawolf have much staying – “that is the question!”

Drake, If You're Reading This You're Too Late © Cash Money4) Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late rises six spots from #10 to #4 this week.

5) Sam Hunt returns the top 10 as debut album Montevallo moves up four spots from #13 to #9.

6) After a rocky start on the charts, Little Big Town’s Pain Killer has been rising lately, this week improving five spots from #17 to #12 after 27 labored weeks.

7) After debuting at #3 last week, Reba’s Love Somebody drops 10 spots from #3 to #13.

8) Mexican rock band Maná debut at #15 with their latest effort, Cama Incendiada. Cama Incendiada is the band’s first new album in four years.

Shawn Mendes, Handwritten © Island

9) Shawn Mendes wishes he could rewind back to last week, when Handwritten easily sat at #1. This week, Handwritten fell to #17.

10) It was not a triumphant week for Passion Pit, despite how bright sounding Kindred is as an album. Passion Pit settled for a very modest #23 start.

11) Ultimate Sinatra debuts at #32 – that’s respectable for a legendary jazz vocalist like Frank Sinatra.

Wale, The Album About Nothing © Atlantic

12) Wale continues his downfall with The Album About Nothing. Four weeks in, The Album About Nothing has sat at #1, #11, #21, and this week #33.

13) Phew, it was a horrid second week for Tyler, The Creator. Cherry Bomb seems to be clearly on its way to being a bomb as it drops dramatically from #4 to #41.

14) Not a good week for Halestorm either, as Into The Wild falls in similar fashion as Tyler the Creator. After a #5 start, Into The Wild sits at #42.

15) Ludacris’ comeback is lukewarm, at least commercially. This week, Ludaversal slips from #35 to #51.

16) The Southern Style isn’t working for Darius Rucker. The album has fallen to #53 in only it’s fourth week in. Not even a sale price of $8 (at Walmart) seems to be able to fuel that fire.

Kelly Clarkson, Piece By Piece © RCA

17) Kelly Clarkson’s modest chart success with Piece By Piece seems to match the perception of the album – not her best or most memorable. Eight short weeks in, Clarkson sits at #65, which is very unusual for her.

Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell © Asthmatic Kitty

18) Sufjan Stevens has never been prolific in the sales department. Unsurprisingly compared to the more commercial artists, Carrie & Lowell falls from #50 to #77.

19) Death Cab For Cutie have a flop on their hands with Kintsugi. 25 spots later, Kintsugi sits at #87 in only its fourth week.

20) Alabama Shakes’ debut album Boys & Girls reenters the charts at #118. This marks the album’s 74th week on the charts. The album has been gold-certified.

21) Ryan Adams live set, Live At Carnegie Hall debuts at #125.

James Bay, Chaos And The Calm © Republic

22) James Bay gets a break – Chaos And The Calm improves from #189 to #150.

23) Jodeci’s return hasn’t been a commercially lucrative one. The Past, The Present, The Future drops 66 spots from #98 to #164, four weeks in.

24) Call it a flop – Hollywood Undead’s Day Of The Dead seemed pretty doomed when it started at #18. Still, this week – it’s fourth week – it sits at #177. Not a graceful fall in the least is it?

Action Bronson, Mr. Wonderful © Atlantic25) Not so wonderful for Mr. Wonderful Action Bronson’s debut album slides from #124 to #182 five weeks in. And we thought Logic had it bad with Under Pressure!

Need some number crunching/analysis? Check out my chart write-up from Thursday, April 30 on starpulse.com.

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