Mariah Carey Drops The Bomb On “Infinity”

Mariah Carey, Infinity - Single © Epic

Mariah Carey • Infinity – Single • Release Date: April 27, 2015 

2014 was not a good year in the least for Mariah Carey – that’s an understatement! They say that “when it rains it pours” and that would be the best way to describe Carey’s status. Me. I Am Mariah was a gargantuan flop, selling only 58,000 copies its first week out. Then came the end of her marriage with Nick Cannon. Then what about those painful high notes? Yep, it was “all bad” for Mimi, but surely things can only improve, right?

Mariah Carey is back at Epic Records, which is ultimately a fresh start considering how bad her short-lived stint on Def Jam went (an Elusive Chanteuse she was not). She’s not dropping a ‘brand new’ album, but rather releasing greatest hits set (#1 To Infinity) with some new songs. The first new Mariah Carey single from her forthcoming album is “Infinity,” which arrived April 27, 2015. How does “Infinity” stack up? It’s rock solid by all means.

Me. I Am Mariah had a solid single going for it with “#Beautiful,” but the problem was that “#Beautiful” had been out long, LONG before the album dropped. The single that ended up serving as a buzz single for the set, “You’re Mine (Eternal)” just didn’t have the oomph to propel the album to commercial success. “You’re Mine (Eternal)” was by no means bad, but when stacked against the many timeless classics that Carey has issued, not to mention even some contemporary gems, it just didn’t reach the same heights. “Infinity” on the other hand, sounds like more of a vintage Mariah Carey song.

Mariah Carey is assertive from the jump: “Why you mad? Talkin’ ‘bout you’re mad / could it be that you just lost the best you’ve ever had?” WHOA! Nick Cannon, bro – you’re totally in that doghouse! No she doesn’t explicitly reference her ex-husband, but doesn’t it seem strongly possible that he’s the subject or loosely the basis of this song? Of course – and we know M.C. knows how to throw that shade! No shade of course!

Carey sums up her emotions on the chorus singing, “Close the door, lose the key / leave my heart on the mat for me / I was yours eternally / there’s an end to infinity / to infinity.” Much like Jazmine Sullivan’s “Forever Don’t Last,” Mariah suggests that the love she thought would be enduring and everlasting isn’t. It’s by no means a new concept, but given Carey’s recent situations and the diminutive success, this type of song is well attuned to her at this juncture in her career.

The question becomes not how good “Infinity” is, but can it make people remember Carey’s prodigious vocal gifts? After all, those high notes on “All I Want For Christmas” were…yeah that horrid. Sure, a couple of questionable performances and a bad year don’t tarnish what Carey has built over the years, but since her sextuple platinum The Emancipation of Mimi and another platinum success with E=MC2, her career hasn’t been as triumphant. Sure, a greatest hits set in #1 to Infinity isn’t going to necessary reinvigorate her, but doesn’t it provide another opportunity, particularly if “Infinity” itself could catch some fire?


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  1. 10 years back she had her act 3. tommy years, life after mottola and then the emancipation of mimi and she can back full circle, problem she is still sounding like everybody else. she ain’t making those records were she stood out. cute and fluffy. no need to diss she has done that with her ex’s and eminem,etc.. time to move on

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