Rihanna’s 10 Most Unapologetic Songs

Rihanna, Unapologetic © Def Jam

Rihanna began as one of the most wholesome pop/contemporary R&B artists in the music industry. After ditching most of her tropically tinged sound from debut album Music Of The Sun, Rihanna’s next two albums were filled with family-friendly pop. But post Good Girl Gone Bad, well the ‘good girl’ really did go ‘bad’ as Rated R, LOUD, Talk That Talk, and Unapologetic showed both a more mature, but also more explicit pop star. Here are Rihanna’s 10 Most Unapologetic Songs.

1) “S&M” (LOUD, 2010)

Before all the talk about Fifty Shades Of Grey, there was “S&M.” This has to be Rihanna’s naughtiest song of her career that just happens to serve as the opener for her fifth album LOUD. The best line comes by way of the chorus: “Cause I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it / sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it / Sticks and stones may break my bones / but chains and whips excite me…” Girl, you so freaky!

2) “Birthday Cake” (Talk That Talk, 2011)

In no shape or form is Rihanna talking about actual birthday cake. Sure she may sing “Come and put your name on it,” but Rihanna isn’t talking about icing. How does anyone the slightest bit naïve of sexual innuendo and double entendre know this? Well Rihanna helps us out: “It’s not even my birthday / but he wanna lick the icing off…” Come on! – No pun intended.

3) “Cockiness (I Love It)” (Talk That Talk, 2011)

This one could’ve landed at number one had Rihanna not been talking about “sex in the air” and “chains and whips” exciting her on “S&M.” Face it folks, “Cockiness (Love It)” needs no explanation as Rihanna is open, honest, and lays it all out there. “Suck my cockiness / lick my persuasion / eat my words and / swallow your pride down…” Girl, you so nasty!

4) “Rude Boy” (Rated R, 2009)

One of Rihanna’s catchiest songs is also one with no shortage of innuendo driving it.   Sure, Rihanna isn’t nearly as suggestive as “Cockiness,” but there is plenty of reference to ‘the do’ by all means. “Come here rude boy, boy – can you get it up? / Come here rude boy, boy – is you big enough?” definitely doesn’t sound that innocent, right?

5) “Hard” (Rated R, 2009)

“And my runway never looked so clear, but the hottest b**ch in heels right here!” Whoa girl, whoa! “Hard” isn’t unapologetic because it is oversexed (for once). No, it’s unapologetic because Rihanna is edgy and fierce. She wasn’t messing around on Rated R and “Hard” was among the best on her darkest album to date. Also, shouldn’t Chris Brown be mentioned here?

6) “B**ch Better Have My Money” (R8, 2015)

Rihanna practically screams this song. She’s not playing – “b**ch better have my money!” What more is there to say? Definitely contrasts “FourFiveSeconds.”

7) “Rockstar 101” featuring Slash (Rated R, 2009)

Need a Rihanna joint that is dripping in unapologetic swagger? Look no further than “Rockstar 101,” where Ri is “feeling so good / looking so bad / rocking this skirt / rocking this club / got my middle finger up / I don’t really give a f**k.” And if her I.D.G.A.F attitude isn’t enough in itself, well she throws in lines like “Make sure you frisk me good / check my panties and my bra.”

8) “Raining Men” featuring Nicki Minaj (LOUD, 2010)

Who has a better knack for double entendre than Rihanna? No one! Take a line from verse one: “All you need to know that I’m a two times five / load it, cock it, aim it baby, boom bye bye.” Because Rihanna is so hot (which is true), “Men be falling like the rain so we ain’t running out.” Basically, she can get whoever she wants and more a waiting. 

9) “Wait Your Turn,” (Rated R, 2009)

Five words – “I’m such a f**king lady.” There it is! Hasn’t it been said that a lady shouldn’t curse, particularly the f-bomb? Can you say unapologetic to the nth degree? Regardless, “The wait is over!”

10) “Russian Roulette” (Rated R, 2009)

Call this tame un-apology – if there is such a thing. Rihanna isn’t being risqué in the same sense as the previous nine songs, she’s just singing about a darker theme. This was among big contrasts to Rihanna’s biggest hit, “Umbrella.”

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