How Much Does Bad Press Affect Angie Stone? 

Angie Stone, Stone Hits © Island

Angie Stone is not a name you hear much in the press anymore. Sure, Ms. Stone had a superb run during R&B neo-soul days, even if she never managed to land a top ten album. Ask any neo-soul buff, and “No More Rain In This Cloud,” “Brotha,” and “U-Haul” are all classics. The woman can and could always sing. That alto is definitely golden. But knocking out your daughter’s teeth is some type of way to get your name back in the press. Phew!

No, it wasn’t a publicity stunt by any means, but Ms. Stone was arrested for knocking Diamond’s teeth out. For those unaware, Diamond is Stone’s daughter, who also happened to contribute to Stone’s 2004 album, Stone Love. No matter what the altercation was between the two Stone, how ghetto is it that the end result was a physical exchange between mother and daughter? And furthermore, who thought that it would be Angie Stone of all musicians to do it?

So how does Stone’s image look after this incident? Definitely different than before, but many likely won’t care. Why – because Stone is no longer ‘relevant’ within the music industry. Yeah, I said it and it honestly is not shade. Stone is definitely not considered to be ‘at the top of her game’ and when she was, she was incredibly underrated, muscling out a pair of gold albums. While hearing that anyone took things to ‘the street’ is despicable, but does anyone honestly care about Angie Stone?

I do, but I am an old soul in a twentysomething’s body who still pines for the resurgence of the neo-soul movement that I grew up on. But ultimately, is the fallout for Stone is minimal because Angie Stone is not dominating press these days, as sad as that is for those of us who adore the singer’s singer. Hopefully, Angie and Diamond can work it out because the whole tale is a hot mess – add another “t” to the end of “hot” for effect.

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  1. nobody cares, she went old school though. the irony of her being in the news and D’angelo’s album and back in the mix. and she just had a unsung recently.

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