Ranking Kelly Clarkson Six Studio Albums 

Kelly Clarkson, Piece By Piece © RCA

So the 12 Best Kelly Clarkson Songs are in the books, but what about ranking the best Kelly Clarkson albums? Is My December better than Breakaway? These are important things folks – these are MUST-KNOW – Phew! For this ranking, Wrapped in Red was omitted, hence leaving only Clarkson’s six studio albums of original material.

1) Breakaway (2004) 

This album didn’t go six-times platinum for nothing. This will forever be Clarkson’s juggernaut – a number one overall seed if there ever was one. Hit after hit after hit. Need proof: “Since U Been Gone.”

2) Stronger (2011)

After Breakaway, there is plenty of room for debate about which Clarkson album comes next. Some might argue Thankful because of it’s success and the fact that it was her debut. That’s not a bad argument, but Stronger is one of Clarkson’s most consistent efforts with some strong hits of its own. It did feature “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” after all.

3) Thankful (2003)

Thankful doesn’t get that much of an edge on All I Ever Wanted in the rankings. While this is Clarkson’s debut and it features two top ten singles (“A Moment Like This” and “Miss Independent”) – more than All I Ever Wanted – both vocally and artistically Clarkson has stepped up her game since Thankful. Still, it’s a strong pop album and shows the beginnings of the superstar. 

4) All I Ever Wanted (2009) 

All I Ever Wanted has plenty to love about it. The songs are fun, led by “My Life Would Suck Without You.” The messaging is wise – hence, “I Do Not Hook Up.” And also, Kelly told us, “I want you to know, that it doesn’t matter.” Why, because she said she’s “Already Gone.” Maybe it doesn’t eclipse the three albums ahead of it, but it has some truly terrific moments.

5) Piece By Piece (2015) 

It is definitely early to tell right now how Piece By Piece will end up fitting within Clarkson’s collection where legacy is concerned. After listening, it is another sound album, though one with slightly less finesse than previous ones. Still, the 80s vibe is interesting and songs like “Heartbeat Song,” “Invincible,” and “Run Run Run” keep things interesting.

6) My December (2007)

This album never caught on with me personally. There was no ‘big hits’ the likes that Breakaway had had before it. “Never Again” was the only song to capture attention, and while it reached the top 10, it still didn’t have ‘hit’ written on it.

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