Evergreen In February – Your Prescription For Coldest Winter

Sam Smith, In The Lonely Hour © Capitol

When I’m not fostering the youth of America in the music classroom or cheering on my beloved Kentucky Wildcats, I’m usually somewhere on my MacBook Pro penning blog entries, reviews, and various articles. I love to write and my workaholic nature naturally makes me prolific in the writing realm. One day I aspire to write a fictional novel, but that’s not today or anytime soon – not enough hours in the day! But rest assured, if there is music and pop cultural events to be covered, I’m your man.

But anyways, I’m not composing this silly blog entry just to flex my writing muscles… well that much. I’m writing it to promote my… yeah, I want you check out some evergreen articles that I composed during February. Sure, some of you may have frequented my page on starpulse.com, and then some of you may have missed out on my absolute breathtaking hotness – still talking about my writing of course! Anyways, as much as I enjoy reviewing new music and being a walking encyclopedia about what’s got the charts on lockdown, I also like to pen ‘playlist’ style, evergreen post.

It may be cold as a four-letter word, but evergreen post are always ‘green’ – hence why they’re called evergreen! Every week, I pen a post that usually appears on the weekend, and I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of these life changing enjoyable pieces of writing. So without further ado, here’s what was evergreen for yours truly in February 2015.

1) Sometimes it’s all about the title of a post. Sometimes a key word – such as ‘only’ – can be the fuel for the fire. Of course, sometimes that doesn’t happen. And then when you’re a genius like myself and you title your post 13 Songs With ‘Only In The Title (Volume One), they might just think you’re a [expletive] idiot. I thought it was ambitious, LOL.

2) As a ‘believer’ myself, I believe in lots of things. Yes, God is atop the list, but I also have a strong belief in my 15 Songs You Can ‘Believe’ In. No, they’ll do nothing for your soul – you need you know who for that – but some of them will make you smile. Don’t rely to heavy on the Meek Mill joint though (“Please Believe It”).

3) Sometimes, we all have to wait on things in life. For many of us me, finding that “Love and Happiness” that Al Green sung about is definitely upon things to ‘wait’ for. But then other times, you just ‘wait’ for yours truly to pen another random, silly playlist using his dumb, one-word based style. And the crazy thing – I expect folks to read this? But if you get bored and like one-word inspired musical eclecticism, don’t hesitate to read and listen to 15 Songs Worth The ‘Wait.’ They may not change your life, but at least you don’t have to ‘wait’ any longer for… yeah, what am I even rambling about?

Can you blame me for promoting myself? No, of course you can’t. I may not be the next Richard Wright, but there’s something there, in songs based in the singular (only), spiritual (believe), and patience (wait). At least I make it sound good… LOL.

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