3 Takeaways From Estelle’s ‘True Romance’

Estelle, True Romance © Established 1980 / BMG Rights Management

Estelle • True Romance • Established 1980 / BMG Rights Management • US Release Date: February 17, 2015

After a three-year break, Estelle returned with her fourth studio album, True Romance, released via Established 1980 / BMG Management Rights. Estelle’s claim to fame stateside has been one particular song, “American Boy,” from her sophomore album Shine. Since Shine arrived back in 2008, it is no secret that the Grammy-winning musician hasn’t had the same traction. But that’s the state of the music business. Nonetheless, True Romance has some truly exceptional moments, and here are three quick takeaways!

1) Estelle’s Voice Shines 

One of the best moments of True Romance comes by way of “Conqueror,” a big ballad that also happened to be featured in the motion picture Addicted. Yes, the film sucked, but the song should be a prime example for anybody who didn’t think Estelle could hang with the elite vocally. She flat out kills it!

2) References To S-E…

We all knew that Estelle was going to talk about the three-letter word when “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” first came out. Risqué to the nth degree and steamy as a four-letter word that is synonymous with the title of the featured song, “Make Her Say” leaves nothing to the imagination. For good measure on “Time Share,” she continues discussing ‘lovemaking.’

3) Stylistically Diverse

Throughout its course, True Romance incorporates a little bit of everything. On “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” she goes for the minimalist, hip-hop sound, while “Something Good /Devotion (Passion Interlude)” is dance joint. “Silly Girls” is retro-soul at its finest, while “She Will Love” incorporates reggae. Of course crown jewel “Conqueror” is a big, inspirational, adult contemporary R&B ballad. Restless you might say, Estelle tries lots of different things and comes out on top.

There’s more to note about True Romance, whether it’s themes of love, heartbreak, or ‘conquering.’ But this brief takeaways post should be enough to whet your palate, or of course check out my alluring, captivating, extraordinary review here – or not, LOL.

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