Fun With Jazmine Sullivan and Meghan Trainor!

Meghan Trainor, Title © Epic

Sometimes I like to have a little fun – have you noticed that? Anyways, I consider the week of January 13, 2015 one with some excellent albums. Two excellent albums came at the hands of ladies – Meghan Trainor (Title) and Jazmine Sullivan (Reality Show). While comparing a pop vocalist and an R&B powerhouse seems unlikely, surprisingly, there are some similarities to go alongside stark differences. What better ways to investigate, analyze, and discuss such than a fun, if unlikely article, right? Hey, who else is spending their time comparing “All About That Bass” and “Mascara?” The answer is nobody but ME.

So if you want to become educated or maybe just entertained, check out Divas Go Head To Head: Meghan Trainor Vs. Jazmine Sullivan (via Starpulse). And if that’s not enough Brent Faulkner to captivate you, well you can also check out my reviews for these two ladies’ enjoyable albums. The review for Meghan Trainor’s Title is housed at as well, while I have two reviews floating around for Reality Show – one via TUMS (The Urban Music Scene) and another via the good old

Need more supplements? Check out my thoughts on talented Mark Ronson’s album, Uptown Special, which was released on the same day! The review can be enjoyed here.

Photo Credits: © Epic

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