Why Hasn’t Logic’s ‘Under Pressure’ Sold Well?

Logic, Under Pressure © Def Jam

One of the best rap albums of 2014 came courtesy of Baltimore, Maryland MC Logic. Under Pressure was nothing short of superb. That said its excellence did not transfer to its sales, which is a total bummer. It’s particularly sad given the effort Logic put onto his debut, as the listener can hear the care, the craft, and most of all the nonconformist approach. The question is why didn’t Under Pressure sell? If it is the total package that critics like myself are conveying it to be, then why hasn’t Logic truly blew up commercially?

One reason I believe that the album has been a commercial bomb is because it is not a commercial album and while it is likely Logic would like it to ‘sell’; he wasn’t aiming to be commercial. Nothing about Under Pressure’s songs have commercial appeal, and while that’s part of the allure of the album as a whole, it doesn’t do much for Logic’s overall commercial fares. Sure, Logic released singles, but the singles don’t latch in the catchy, archetypical sense. Again, this is the allure, but it could be argued that it makes Logic have to ‘pay’ on the financial side of things.

From Under Pressure, what does a second Logic studio album look like? Will he opt for a similar path to his outstanding, commercially underwhelming debut, or does he sell out. If he doesn’t go for either of the two extremes, does Logic try to meet somewhere in the middle with more radio-ready fare while still not losing his nonconformist swagger? These are all questions if this skilled MC wants to be considered truly viable, etc.

Face it folks, marketing albums these days and breaking through is at its all time hardest. Albums aren’t selling and even if artists are revered, that doesn’t mean they have the support to keep them afloat, as you’d expect. Does Logic deserve more than he’s gotten – definitely! But as we all know, “reality’s a b*tch.” I can safely say I supported Logic when Under Pressure arrived – what about y’all?

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