Review: Tyler Carter, Leave Your Love EP

Tyler Carter, Leave Your Love © Rise

Tyler Carter captures issues of the heart (and pants) magnificently well on the captivating Leave Your Love EP. 
Tyler Carter • Leave Your Love EP • Rise • US Release Date: January 15, 2015

So, how exactly does one go from being a member of a metalcore band (Issues) and beginning a solo career as a contemporary R&B artist? Well it’s a rarity you might say, but Tyler Carter does it and does so incredibly well. Call him a beast if you wish because his EP Leave Your Love is solid from start to finish. Carter captures issues of the heart (and pants) magnificently well across six tracks.

On enthusiastic opener “Sophisticated,” Carter establishes himself from the onset. With an exceptional, synth-laden urban backdrop behind him, Carter clearly has the lingo and swag on autopilot, whether its characterizing “shawty” as being “badder than a motherf*cker” or knockout punch “She won’t be sophisticated when we get a little faded.” “Sophisticated” may be anything but given Carter’s burning lust, but it is an exceptional way to kick off Leave Your Love.

The EP continues to percolate with its equally slick title track “Leave Your Love.” Filled with quick paced, rhythmic lyrics and more horniness from Carter. “Leave Your Love” is ultimately shallow, but appealingly so as Carter isn’t concerned with promises, secrets, or anything ‘deep.’ He merely wants to “put it down ‘til the sun comes up,” as “The way that you feel won’t keep you warm.”

On “Georgia” Carter takes things from a more serious perspective. This is apparent from the beginning iterations of “Baby love, don’t leave” not to mention his characterizations of himself as a loser (“Walked in the door, but he’s all coked out…he doubled the dose two moths ago / but she just found out”). So what does that have to do with the title, “Georgia?” Well, “Baby love” is on her “way to Georgia” – she’s out! Carter’s faded pain is the listener’s triumphant gain.

“So Slow” is not really about slow dancing. Yeah, Carter sings “When we dance so slow / by the way we dance, you’ll know” and references prom in the second verse, but it’s obvious he wants to get ‘down and dirty’. He can’t hold back from lines about being real, ultimately admitting “I’m losing my mind when I’m kissing down your spine.” Those definitely are the “Kisses Down Low” that Kelly Rowland is referencing, or from a male perspective, Miguel’s sensual “Arch N Point.” Carter continues to show his investment and infatuation, particularly when that falsetto kicks in, much like the peak of… you get the idea.

“Tears On the Runway, Pt. 1” is the only collaborative track of Leave Your Love, featuring Nylo. In dedicatory fashion, Carter promises, “I won’t let you down,” going so far to “apologize for every man” who’s done her wrong. Nylo, who serves as the girl that’s got Carter going crazy, admits her reservations, but can see how badly the dude is digging on her. Carter caps of his fine, love-centric EP with “Find Me,” where he’d “go to the ends of the f*cking earth.” He even has an R. Kelly-style run in there – think “I Believe I Can Fly” for reference!

Ultimately, did the dude do his thing or what? Yes, Tyler Carter did his thing on Leave Your Love EP. He has definitely set the tone for what should be an exceptional full-length urban album. He has love, sex, and swag down pat – no questions asked. Some f-bombs too – it goes with the territory.

Favorites: “Leave Your Love,” “Georgia,” and “Tears On the Runway”


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