Andraé Crouch: “My Tribute” Playlist 

Andraé Crouch, Finally © Compendia

On Thursday, January 9, the music world lost one legendary musician in Andraé Crouch. As a musician personally – specifically a pianist – I felt greatly influenced by Crouch’s music and approach. In honor of one of the greatest, here’s a list of 12 of my favorite Crouch classics.

1) “The Blood Will Never Lose its Power” aka “The Blood That Jesus Shed”

“The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” is definitely a favorite at my church (the African Methodist Episcopal FYI), particularly on communion Sundays. I love the bluesy harmonies and the soulful overall sound. 

2) “Soon and Very Soon” 

A staple by all means, “Soon and Very Soon” is as much standard repertoire as “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power.” Perfect as a chant, perfect as selection, and definitely appropriate for any home going service (aka funerals).

3) “My Tribute”

There are no words to describe this classic – it’s timeless. “To God be the glory, for the things he has done.” 

4) “Take Me Back”

A song about returning back to God after wondering in the wilderness, the message of “Take Me Back” is one that many folks can relate to – powerful. 

5) “I Don’t Know Why”

“I Don’t Know Why” is a song about the mercy of Jesus. While the Crouch standard doesn’t inquire about why Jesus loves, it does give all glory and honor to the most high, given his mercifulness.   

6) “Jesus Is The Answer” 

More folks should embrace the message of this song. “Above him there’s no other, Jesus is the way.” 

7) “We Need To Hear From You”             

“Wee Need To Hear From You” is the perfect altar call or invitation selection – spiritual, warm, and unquestionably prudent. 

8) “Through It All”

A song about when life is tough as albeit, belief and faith in God stands above all else.

9) “Bless The Lord” 

A hymn of praise – “He has done great things” indeed. 

10) “Finally” 

Something that always stood about “Finally” from 1982 was the mix of contemporary gospel and urban, soul music in general. 

11) “You Don’t Have To Jump No Pews”

Everyone praises God in his or her own way. Some shout, others let it breathe reverently.

12) “I’ve Got Confidence”

Confidence in God – aka faith – is truly a powerful thing. 

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  1. one of the greatest gospel artists ever and a man who truly broke down barriers and these songs are timeless. RIP

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