Quickie: Three Sound Pieces of Advice For Your Comeback, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Believe © Island

In a recent Billboard article, Jason Lipshutz laid out a compelling list of considerations that Justin Bieber should make, given the ‘belief’ that the embattled artist will make a comeback in 2015. Through and through, the author makes thoughtful points that the ever-rebellious pop singer is sure to ignore. That said, after reading the list, my mind and pen erupted with considerations for JB. While NOT making a return might be the top of the list for most, and there is honestly little reason to “Belieb” in Biebz, to quote Bobby Brown (of all people), “Don’t Be Cruel.”

1) Keep You Clothes On 

Yes, Justin Bieber has become jacked. A lot of people are, Nick Jonas, and a lot of people aren’t – won’t name any names there. Yes, sex appeal can do wonders, but in a musical economy where there are plenty of good-looking folks selling poorly, being a shirtless, tatted tool definitely doesn’t guarantee career longevity, or even a respectable first-week of sales. Please refrain from showing off the CKs anymore – please!

Yes, I get it. Girls do like eye-candy. But, sometimes the sweetest candy ruins your teeth. Justin Bieber may be considered ‘hot’, but he’s definitely ice cold in persona and being ab-tastic won’t fix that. To quote the Honorable Judge Judith Scheindlin, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.” So keep your clothes on JB – don’t need to see the abs or them undies!

2) Don’t Look Back – To Past Hits

At this point, Bieber’s bubblegum days are long gone – let’s all give thanks right now! He’s in his 21st year and singing about his first dance or some dumb, catchy song about his baby would be ill advised. Yes, Believe had a great blueprint for Bieber in 2012, but in 2015, a copycat of that album certainly won’t do much for Bieber. Beiber and company need to move forward. That doesn’t meant that he doesn’t consider the formulas that benefitted him in the past, but relying on them without fresher approaches is probably a flop waiting to happen.

3) Scale Back The Bad Boy 

Bieber is loathed, period. Sure, he has fans – the Beliebers – who have stayed loyal after every idiotic move that he’s made, but if Bieber wants to win over new Beliebers, he has to rid of his newfound polarizing, hyper rebellious persona. It’s too much and not a good look – not for anybody. So even if the material eschews his sweet, cutesy past, Bieber’s fresh sound shouldn’t be an emulation of Chris Brown, or the more misogynistic side of pop and contemporary R&B.

Should Justin Bieber consider the topic of sex in his new music? Well, actually, sex worked superbly on his “PYD” from his Journals. That said, and semi-hating on Chris Brown once more, Bieber definitely shouldn’t mention his sexual experiences, condoms, or go all-in by referring to the act using the f-bomb. If he tackles sex, which is a common topic in mature styles of music as an adult, he has to do so classily. Being a gentlemen and showing maturity would definitely be in JB’s best interests.

Photo Credits: © Island, instagram / justinbieber

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