5 Overplayed, Overvalued, and Annoying Songs

Taylor Swift, 1989 © Big Machine Records

New year, new life, new things! Out with the old of 2014 and in with the new of 2015. 2014 had plenty of great music. It didn’t sell mind you, but there was plenty of great music. In a time that is dominated by songs, specifically the record, there were plenty of greats records. There are also those ‘great’ records that grew incredibly annoying with continual spins and people ‘staying on the bandwagon’ for too long. Sure music is meant to be timeless, but it can also be tiring. Here are the records that were overplayed, overvalued, and annoying as a four-letter word.

1) Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” and/or “Blank Space” (1989) 

Has yours truly given Taylor Swift plenty of grief over the years? Yes. Does yours truly give Taylor Swift favorable reviews? Yes as well. Does yours truly enjoy both “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space”? Definitely, BUT let’s not kid ourselves folks – this Taylor Swift explosion is “O.O.C.” Mariah Carey – OUT OF CONTROL! Even through in the f-bomb (“O.O.F.C.”) for extra emphasis. Yes I shook it off “and I liked it” and I was a fan of maniacal Swift on “Blank Space,” but it’s simply too much.

2) Idina Menzel, “Let It Go” (Frozen)

I get it, I really do. Frozen was kind of a big deal. Strike that – Frozen was a humongous, gargantuan deal. Elephantine by all estimations – love that adjective. That said, why must “Let It Go” continue on like the Energizer Bunny? No offense Idina Menzel, but isn’t it time to truly “let it go?”

3) Magic! “Rude” (Don’t Kill The Magic)

Magic! really should’ve titled their album Please Kill The Effin’ Magic. Like everybody else who had first heard “Rude,” I was onboard – for a ‘hot’ minute. Well, after that minute was up, I was hella annoyed. And then you ask yourself, in a society where less and less people are getting married, how does the chivalrous, reggae-pop song where frontman Nasri Atweh emphatically demands “marry that girl” become a #1 hit? I’m not trying to be rude, but it grew a little too old.

4) Meghan Trainor, “All About That Bass” (Title)

So, Meghan Trainor is releasing her debut album in 2015. Why aren’t I more enthused? Well, maybe it’s the fact that “All About That Bass” turned into ‘that’ song that absolutely drove me crazy. It sports an admirable message and even makes you giggle as Trainor references “skinny b*tches” but still – overplayed, overplayed, OVERPLAYED! We know it’s the year of the booty – Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and maybe most of all Kim Kardashian made sure we got it.

5) Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX, “Fancy” (The New Classic)

I truly do like this song, I do. But, how many more times does it need to be played – no more! Who isn’t glad that Iggy is “so fancy” or that her British counterpart Charli came up? Still, haven’t we all been subjected to that groove one too many times? You don’t hear “Black Widow” or “Beg For It” getting the same treatment, now do you? What about when Azalea was working on “Work”?

One Comment Add yours

  1. karlie brigman says:

    I think that fancy and shake it off are bout overly played and i can not stand them to songs.

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