Who Were The Biggest Breakthrough Musicians of 2014?

Hozier © Columbia

Ah, it is time for those wonderful compiled year-end lists. Yours truly is hard at work putting some finishing touches on a couple of those time-consuming, yet rewarding things. One of the fruits of my hard labor can be found via Starpulse, entitled Biggest Breakthrough Musicians of 2014. And yes if you’re asking, it’s no surprise that the names Iggy Azalea and Sam Smith grace the list.

If you’d like to see my top ten breakthroughs of 2014, please check out my list. For the elite blogger, journalist, and writer, all I want for Christmas is you – or rather your reads! Please go check out the aforementioned piece. Even if you want to throw stones at me, well, at least it’s another ‘satisfied’ viewer – or just another welcomed page view!

Oh and while you’re reading that one, please check out the rest of my work at Starpulse. I’m funny… sometimes!

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