Chart Takeaways: Mary J. Blige’s Underwhelming Debut

Mary J. Blige, The London Sessions © Capitol

“Same sh*t, different day,” the profane saying goes. Adapted to the Billboard Charts, “Another week, a different chart.” Okay, okay it doesn’t quite work, but you can’t blame me for trying. As has been the trend every Monday, here’s analysis of the latest Billboard 200 chart. There is some more of the “same sh*t” of course, but there’s also some “new sh*t” too.

Taylor Swift, 1989 © Big Machine Records

1) Taylor Swift is the Kentucky Basketball of the Billboard 200 – She keeps on keeping that number one spot warm. Nothing new to see here folks!

2) Also staying put at #2 is Pentatonix’s That’s Christmas To Me, which is a fine Christmas album by all means.

3) Rock Or Bust proves to be no ‘bust’ for AC/DC at #3.

4) The spirit of Christmas is firmly planted in the consumers’ hearts as Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé reap the benefits at #6 and #7.

5) Unfortunately for Mary J. Blige, her excellent The London Sessions opens in underwhelming fashion at #9 selling only 55,000 copies. Are Mary’s better days behind her for good?

Hozier © Columbia

6) Hozier is proving to have some staying power as he rises from #19 to #12 this week. He’s been “taking us to church” all fall.

7) Google Play probably played a huge role in the reentrance of Pink Floyd’s seminal album The Dark Side of the Moon on the Billboard 200. The Dark Side of the Moon sits at #13 this week.

8) Barbra Streisand’s former #1 album, Partners, rebounds from #25 to #17.

9) The lesser-regarded Pentatonix Christmas album, PTXmas (EP) ascends from #36 to #18. Do the math: 36 – 18 = 18!

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek To Cheek © Streamline/Columbia/Interscope

10) There’s nothing wrong with being Cheek To Cheek when it’s Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, who move up from #29 to #19. That showdown between the duo and Streisand looms come 2015’s Grammys…

11) Bad second week for ShadyXV, which plummets from #3 to #21. Guess fewer people cared about the 15th anniversary than expected…

12) Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 might be doing it like “Animals,” but V took a back step from #10 to #22. Maybe the lovemaking wasn’t too hot?

13) Walk The Moon debut at #26 with their second album, Talking Is Hard.   Ohio in the top 40!

14) The Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow have to be hoping for better sales as the legendary rap group’s latest album opens rather flatly at #29.

15) You wonder if the fact that Nickelback have No Fixed Address is the reason why the numbers are so-so? A fall from #12 to #30 is never good. Then look right beside them and Better Midler is celebrating a rise from #47 to #31.

Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas © Island

16) Stability might be a good thing for Nick Jonas as Nick Jonas sits at #32 for a second week. If nothing else, it’s better than dropping.

17) So if you thought that Shady Records had a bad week, just ask Rick Ross. The Boss suffered a devastating drop from #6 to #42. Can you say flop?

18) So with 5 Seconds of Summer’s drop from #21 to #46, you’ve gotta wonder if people got tired of seeing her “standing there” in 5SOS’s “American Apparel underwear.” Maybe they prefer boxers/boxer briefs from American Eagle – Hollister – CKs?

19) For Omarion, it’s pretty safe to say that “it’s not going down.” His quietly issued Sex Playlist just barely debuts within the top 50, entering the charts at #49.

20) Give Jessie J credit – Sweet Talker rises from #178 to #66. Will it be enough to make a big impact – nah, but it’s the little things in life (and album sales these days).

21) Iggy Azalea hasn’t done too well being Reclassified. In her second week, nobody was “Beg(ging) her For It” either as she falls from #27 to #69. Not “Fancy” Iggy – not fancy at all!

22) It’s not been a great stint for Lady Antebellum, whose 747 free falls once more from #38 to #78.

23) Apparently the “Talk” got too “Dirty” for Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty, which drops from #56 to #81.

24) After coming Just As I Am, Brantley Gilbert experiences a plunge from #41 to #97 – Too much partying in that “Small Town Throwdown” eh?

25) A platinum edition is probably not a great idea these days. Just ask Beyoncé, whose latest album Beyoncé – More Only EP dropped 116 spots from #8 to #124. Da-yum!

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  1. mary is coming off a little desperate or trendy with this and it might rebound or it might tank,beyonce is getting that we seeing you too much reaction and she needs to bounce for a minute, omarion never was and he is done before he starts, the wu got a weak album,rick ross cooked now,taylor swift on the pulse,nickleback is done

    1. brent80 says:

      I agree with all of that!

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