7 Songs That ‘Get Your Blood Boiling’ in 2014

Nicki Minaj, The Pinkprint © Motown/Universal Sometimes, you just have to get down and dirty – get the blood boiling with filth. Yes, that filth is sex, fantasies, and metaphors for sex. Some artists have a knack for nastiness. These seven songs definitely have the bedroom in mind. One artist even makes an appearance twice – can you guess whom? Here are 7 songs that “got my blood boiling” in 2014. Are there more – of course? Didn’t anybody ever tell you sex sells… well nothing’s selling but Taylor Swift. 

1) Usher, “Good Kisser”

Whatever happened to wholesomeness? Usher certainly eschews it on “Good Kisser,” which has little to do with locking lips. The kisses are definitely southward. Lyrics like “You do it so good, you f*ck with my mind” definitely close the door to innocent kisses. Add fuel to the fire with lyrics like “your pretty lips leave me so inspired.” The inspiration is a powerful one Usher – ask men everywhere.

2) Nicki Minaj, “Anaconda” (The Pinkprint) 

“Oh my god, look at her butt!” Shameful is “Anaconda,” easily among the dirtiest songs in some time. Sure, pop culture loves naughty, sexually driven songs lacking deeper substance, but did anyone think that Nicki could top her filthy “Beez in the Trap?” After “Pills N Potions” was the tamest Minaj in some time, “Anaconda” returned Nicki to her dirty ways. 

3) Maroon 5, “Animals” (V)

The video to “Animals” further amplifies the horniness that epitomizes Maroon 5’s über-catchy hit. Adam Levine’s falsetto is exceptional, but also nothing short of nasty, as it’s clear how ‘it’s about to go down.’ Animals are expected to copulate in animalistic fashion and apparently Levine plans to do so too. “Nasty, nasty boy!” 

4) J. Cole, “Wet Dreamz” (2014 Forest Hills Drive)

J. Cole, 2014 Forest Hills Drive © Columbia

If the title doesn’t give this away, go no further than the hook: “And I ain’t never did this before, no.” If that’s not enough allusion to the song’s title, well, just listen/gander at the songs lyrics throughout, which clearly references Cole’s ‘first time.’ It’s not every song that references condoms, or delivers a brilliantly lascivious lyric like “I wanna get something of my mental / I can tell you a pro, but baby be gentle ‘cause.” Yep, this one’s filthy. 

5) Nick Jonas, “Numb” (Nick Jonas)

Maybe what is saddest is that a lyric like “f*ck with my head like it’s nothin’ at all” could be a brilliant double entendre in anybody else’s hands but Jonas. Give Nick credit though as he’s definitely transformed/proved himself to be like everyone else his age – rebellious, open-minded, and horny. He’s definitely lustful on “Numb” and the majority of Nick Jonas, which is a far cry from anything he put out with his bros. 

6) Tinashe, “Feels Like Vegas” (Aquarius)

Tinashe, you so nasty girl! “How you like it, throw me on the bed / show me how, to love you the right way.” In other words, Tinashe wants her man to “do the do” to her and she plans to reciprocate and give him what he needs. Not much “love” in this song, just “loving.”

7) Nicki Minaj featuring Chris Brown, Drake & Lil Wayne, “Only” (The Pinkprint)

And here’s Nicki again. Does Ms. Minaj keep it nasty – yep! Minaj opens with a bang: “Yo! I never f*cked Wayne, I never f*cked Drake / on my life man, f*ck’s sake / If I did, I’d ménage with ‘em and let ‘em eat my ass like a cupcake…” You get the idea. Then, throw in Drake at his most sexual: “She was sitting down on that big butt / but I was still staring at the titties though…” Yep, get’s the blood boiling alright.

Photo Credits: © Motown / Universal, © Columbia

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