Overrated: Too Many Stars?

Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas © Island

Sometimes we all get trigger happy right? Well, as a music critic, sometimes we can be too giving and too forgiving. Sure, music journalists have this reputation for being overcritical, but sometimes we actually don’t hold albums to the standard of classics because of a lack of innovativeness in the present age. In other words, because there is little ‘brand new’ anymore, we rate it too highly because we’ve become complacent.

There were some albums that I’ve reviewed in 2014 that I was a bit too kind too. Sure they were good, but maybe they weren’t quite as good as I made them out to be. Even recently, I may have been too liberal with my stars. Here some albums I may have overrated a might:

Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas

I still like this album, but maybe a ½ star less wouldn’t have hurt anybody. Many are less enthusiastic about Nick Jonas than yours truly, but I still think the Jo-Bro has potential. Still 4 stars – like Oprah once said, “What was I thinking?”

John Newman, Tribute

Can you save way overrated? No disrespect to Newman – he’s a beast vocally – but still, I got a bit too excited about Tribute. Maybe it was the fact someone was singing soul in a time where soul is not the go to style. Still, I must’ve had cotton in my ears to give it the 4 and ½ stars that I did. 3 ½ probably would’ve been better.


Here is why I know I overrated this album – I don’t remember much about it off the top of my head. Some truly memorable, great albums I’ve heard in 2014 I can recall easily. While I still acknowledge greatness about Z as a whole, I can’t say that if I were to make a Best R&B Playlist for the year that any one track from Z would make the cut. Not being harsh, just keeping it real. Another over liberal 4 and ½ stars was given, where more realistically, this should’ve been 3 – 3 and a ½.

Michael Jackson, Xscape

Okay before I get stoned, I didn’t overrate this one by much, maybe a ½ star. Xscape is a much better posthumous MJ album than Michael was, but it will never supplant his classics. Instead of 4 stars, I should’ve gone for say 3 ½ stars. Not a stark difference, but still a slight overrate on my part.

Jason Mraz, Yes!

When I heard Yes!, I was never blown away with it, but thought it was a quality effort. It still is, but it also is among the least memorable albums of 2014 – and I’ve listened to a lot. Instead of 3 and ½ stars, I’d probably rate it 3 stars now. It’s just a bit, um, blasé.

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