One Direction Time – Dedicated To Everybody’s Favorite Boy Band

One Direction, Four © Columbia

What’s one of the few things that can divert attention away from Taylor Swift? That would be One Direction, those British-Irish twenty-something heartthrobs that have the girls going crazy. Sure, Ms. Swift won’t lose her locked-down position on album sales among other crowns, but these “Steal My Girl” dudes are legit – well as far as their impact on pop culture.

This week, I have spent some time covering One Direction’s latest album Four, as well as the band’s previous work. Being the shameless self-promoter than I am as a musician and writer, I wanted to share that work with the world.

On Sunday, I penned a playlist article entitled 13 Best One Direction Songs, which included important hits ranging from “What Makes You Beautiful” to “Best Song Ever.” Then on Tuesday, I chose the boys to head up my weekly music column: One Direction Leads Albums To Check Out. This was a prudent choice if I do say so given the fact Billboard prognosticates a #1 debut, selling north of 400,000 copies. Numbers baby – numbers!

Then on Wednesday, November 19, a review of Four was posted on entitled, Review: One Direction Transition To Adulthood On ‘Four’. Basically, the fine-feathered review discusses the pros and cons of Four including enjoyableness, maturity, vocal performances, etc. Generally, as a non-Directioner, the album was an enjoyable one, but of course not the ‘end all, be all’ by any means. Still, this week has been dubbed that of One Direction Time. Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn (maybe) – this one’s for you!

Photo credits: © columbia

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