Five Takeaways from Nick Jonas’ ‘Nick Jonas’

Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas © Island

Nick Jonas • Nick Jonas • Island • US Release Date: November 10, 2014 

The Jonas Brothers are no more. Neither is Joe Jonas’ solo career – no shade, Joe, no shade. That said, there is a Jonas brother who is ‘doing his thing’ in 2014. Yes, folks, none other than little Nick Jonas. Actually, the ‘little’ label can be broken, sort of like Jonas is “breaking the warning down” on “Warning,” one of many enjoyable songs from Jonas’ sophomore solo album, Nick Jonas.

Not only is Jonas no longer “skinty” (to quote Mable ‘Madea’ Simmons), he’s also no longer singing songs like “Kids of the Future” or “Burnin’ Up.” Nick Jonas is now a 22-year old man, and this album reflects his newfound male hood – whatever that means. Anyways, here are five takeaways from Nick Jonas for your reading pleasure!

1) Jonas’ falsetto is ‘on point’ 

Move over Justin Timberlake and Chris Martin – and stay put Justin Bieber! There’s another dude who knows how to woo the fan-girls with his head-voice, better known as falsetto. Throughout Nick Jonas, Jonas relies heavily on his falsetto to drive home the sensual vibe of the album. It was first apparent on single “Chains,” but even more pronounced on “Jealous.”

2) The urban influence is pronounced

Jonas could’ve aimed for a more guitar-driven, rock-heavier direction, said no one ever. Nick Jonas embraces a sound that shows tremendous urban influence that suits him perfectly. There was nothing urban-flavored about The Jonas Brothers themselves, but Joe Jonas first went this direction on his own solo album. Nick, arguably, one-ups big bro. R&B infused pop is a great look for Nick; matches those abs he’s been flaunting! 

3) There are only three collaborations

If you are cheap and only indulge yourself into the magic of the standard edition, well there are only two collaborations – Angel Haze on “Numb” and Demi Lovato on “Avalanche.” If you splurge a bit more on the deluxe edition, you can add Mike Posner to the collaborative fold. Ultimately, Nick Jonas is all about Nick Jonas. Save for a somewhat more established Lovato, the collaborations are more under-the-radar musicians.   

4) The purity ring is off

It finally happened – Nick Jonas is “a real boy.” Oh wait – strike that – that was Pinocchio, dang! Anyways, Jonas is willing to express his desires, something that the kid-friendly Jo-Bros could never do, save for a tame love song like “When You Look Me In The Eyes.” Here, the M.O. seems to involve Nick’s sexual endeavors. “Wilderness” is the perfect example. If he were trying to mask his lust, the word “naked” gave away the secret.

5) Jonas successful sheds his teen-pop past 

As aforementioned, Nick Jonas now feels comfortable singing about sex without any pressure. He also feels comfortable dropping language that many twenty- somethings utter freely Yes, that includes the f-bomb, hence that lovely parental advisory label. But besides that, the whole persona is more grown. The photo shoots are “not that innocent” anymore. Jonas is definitely showing off that skin.

Favorites: “Chains,” “Jealous,” “Teacher,” “Numb,” “I Want You”


Photo credits: © Island, Instagram / nickjonas



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