Too Much Taylor Swift? Methinks Not!

Taylor Swift, 1989 © Big Machine Records

Everybody has been spending a lot of time talking about Taylor Swift. Yes, I’d be totally lying if I said I hadn’t written one thing about Queen Swift – it’s the fashionable thing to do! No, it’s not because I’m the ultimate fan girl; I’ve had plenty of criticism towards Ms. Swift (those live performances from the past…phew!).

I’ll admit I’m further feeding the machine, but given her robust 1.287 million worth of sales, shouldn’t everyone be talking about Taylor? No platinum albums in 2014 until 1989? That deserves being covered, right? There was a time going platinum was almost guaranteed after all… But onto my multiple Taylor Swift posts…

First, I penned a review of 1989 that was favorable, but also noted the flaws of the album. Still, there some bright spots like “Welcome To New York,” “Blank Space,” “Out of the Woods” and of course “Shake It Off.” Also, the slick pop production is a pro, even if it contrasts her more country-sounding past work.

After seeing the prognostications for 1989 continuing to grow, that was the inspiration for 5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Rules The World. Sure, Taylor Swift may not be royalty, but she’s definitely going to be earning mad royalties and Big Machine Records should be laughing all the way to the bank. Additionally, Swift has definitely worked hard to achieve her success – not everybody can boast having three albums debut with a million-plus each week.

Even back tracking to the week that 1989 was released (Monday, October 27, 2014), the album and Swift headed up my weekly column, ‘This Week in Music’ which was entitled, Taylor Swift’s 1989 Leads Albums To Check Out. Even this week, the staying power of Swift’s 1989 was referenced in This Week In Music: Calvin Harris Among Albums To Check Out. 

So yes, Taylor Swift is kind of a big deal. No, she’s not the greatest singer ever – there are many with more distinct, prodigious pipes. She has, however, truly established herself as a musical force. And who can knock a good game or made hustle? Too much Taylor Swift? Methinks Not!

Photo Credits: © Big Machine

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