Breezy Malone Gives Listeners Everything They Could Hope For On ‘Chanteuse’

Breezy Malone, Chanteuse © Soulful Child Records

Breezy Malone • Chanteuse • Soulful Child • US Release Date: October 28, 2014 

Soulful R&B musician Breezy Malone is back with another compelling EP entitled Chanteuse. Chanteuse had a hard act to follow after Malone dropped a sick debut EP, Starts With Love, which featured such high-flying moments as “Love Face.” While supplanting that effort seems unlikely, on Chanteuse Malone continues to grow artistically, presenting her talent to the world. 

On opener “I Need You” (featuring JT Wizz) Breezy Malone showcases her poised, cool pipes beautifully. To the listener, Malone’s performance sounds effortless, yet incredibly profound. The subject is tried and true, but in the hands of a gifted musician, not to mention sound, urban production work, “I Need You” is solid.

On “Everything,” Malone sounds even more alluring, hypnotizing the listener on this grinding, slow jam. Old school from start to finish, Malone reminds all how glorious soul music is, even in a time where it may not be the dominant force in R&B. The unhurried pacing of “Everything” is a pro. Who doesn’t dig a sensual slow jam?

Smartly, “I Can’t” accelerates the tempo and is jam packed with energy. Vocally, Breezy maintains her poise, but the production backing her – led by electric piano – has a mean punch propelling the record. “I Can’t” also highlights another bright spot for Malone – her tasteful, never over-sung ad-libs. Often, many singers try to over perform, but Malone knows how to pull back and be more subtle, which can be just as/more effective.

If nothing else, “Sky Times” continues to flaunt Malone’s marvelous instrument. Contemporary, yet ‘grown-n-sexy,’ Malone balances the best of both worlds with this adult contemporary R&B cut led by a robust, commanding bass line. Showing some of its modern spirit, Amoroso contributes a rap, a definite contrast.  That said, Breezy Malone holds things down regardless; she’s on autopilot.

“Could Be You” is an instant winner – relaxed, sexy, and much like “Everything,” hypnotic. The groove ranks among the best of the EP, giving the slower paced cut some rhythmic drive. If Malone had drifted from neo-soul in the slightest bit, “Could Be You” confirms she’s firmly planted and dedicated, no questions asked. “To An End” concludes the EP, with a brief, but another soundly executed urban joint.

Ultimately, Chanteuse is another worthwhile EP from Breezy Malone. Those who haven’t jointed Malone’s soul movement yet are definitely missing out. Interestingly, Chanteuse though it has similarities to Malone’s previous EP Starts With Love, does a nice job of contrasting that effort, hence giving Malone two distinct efforts. Even so, what doesn’t change is Malone’s commitment to soul.

Favorites: “I Need You,” “Everything,” “Could Be You” 


Photo Credits: © Soulful Child Music, Instagram / love_nbm

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