3 Takeaways from Logic’s Debut, ‘Under Pressure’


Logic, Under Pressure © Def JamLogic • Under Pressure • Def Jam • US Release Date: October 21, 2014 

After hearing a Logic mixtape – specifically Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever – I knew that Logic was meant to be a star. Finally, after a long wait, Logic has released his debut album, Under Pressure, via Def Jam. Here are three takeaways from Logic’s highly anticipated album.

1) Logic Can Spit

If there was any doubt that Logic could rap, he puts that to rest throughout the course of Under Pressure. Honestly, there should’ve never been any doubt, considering the quality of Logic’s Mixtapes, namely Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever. There are numerous rhymes throughout Under Pressure where Logic uses double meanings, double entendre, and just general clever ways of conveying his point. He can flat out spit.

2) It’s An Album You Catch Something New With Successive Listens

The first time I listened to Under Pressure, I knew I dug what I was hearing, but I also knew that I would enjoy it better with successive listens. Often, the mark of a truly memorable rap album – or often albums in general – is one where it takes a couple of listens to digest. Sometimes albums that are easy to process the first time don’t stick with the listener.


Logic’s album is brainier than numerous other releases from 2014 – he goes beyond the tried and true script. Yes, he still spits about his come-up, but he also shares his story. Among the most clever ‘characters’ of which Logic spits about is “Nikki,” who doubles as girlfriend and nicotine. There are so many creative moments that are worthwhile about Under Pressure, and those moments grow with continual listen.   

3) Under Pressure Has An Argument for the year’s best rap album

Rap hasn’t had one of its most impactful years. Hip-hop fans can throw the stones if you want, but there seems to have been fewer big-time albums that are truly memorable, game changers. Logic delivers arguably the year’s most unique rap album as well as one of the best. Sure, there were stellar efforts from Common, Jeezy, and T.I., but Logic offers a clear contrast to each of those.


Must Play: “Under Pressure”



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