What’s The News B? – Chief Keef Dropped, U2’s Flop & Christmas Album Frenzy

U2, Songs of Innocence © Interscope


#1. Chief Keef Dropped by Interscope 

19-year old rapper Chief Keef is no longer part of the Interscope family. Boo-hoo. Keef is probably saying “That’s that sh*t I don’t like.” Not being smart, but is this a loss for anyone but Keef, really? It’s not surprising giving the teen’s many legal issues, but also, his debut album was both a critical and commercial flop. So BUH-BYE.

#2. U2 Have a Flop On Their Hands?

This week, U2 unveiled the physical version of their free album Songs of Innocence. Guess how many albums it sold folks – 28,000! Woo hoo, what a hot funky mess! That said, did anyone expect a free album to move the usual hundreds of thousands of copy U2 have been accustomed to? Nope. This isn’t really news, but isn’t it something that the seemingly invincible band are near the tail end of the top 10 rather than sitting right atop it? Just saying!

Need more reading? How about a hearty serving of takeaways and the full course, better known as a full-length review of Songs of Innocence? “Come get it bae!”

#3. Everyone Is Dropping Christmas Albums… “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year?”

Christmas (Holiday) albums are everywhere! This happens every year and usually only a couple albums truly take off. This year, Christmas albums that have been issued as of yet include Earth, Wind & Fire (Holiday), Idina Menzel (Holiday Wishes), Darius Rucker (Home For The Holidays), Renee Fleming, Pentatonix, Seth MacFarlane (Holiday For Swing), Anthony Hamilton (Home for the Holidays), and Maysa (A Very Maysa Christmas). Hmm, does it seem like all these artists are trying to get that Christmas album bank? With the way albums are selling, who can blame ‘em!

Yeah, maybe this post sucks, but at least it was humorous…somewhat…

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