The Most Controversial Post Ever – ‘11 Songs That Break Barriers’

Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour © Capitol

Sometimes, as a writer, you have to be daring or you just want to be. Sometimes, shaking things up or maybe even ruffling some feathers shows off versatility. And then of course sometimes, it is just plain off-putting. Recently, you could say that your boy dropped a bomb…of a post that is.

When I was penning the post, I knew it was out-of-the-box, something I wished to accomplish, but I also knew it was both a risk and controversial. The writing itself is not controversial, but the content of the material is. The post, which debuted on Starpulse on Sunday, October 19, is entitled 11 Songs That Break Barriers. The title – specifically ‘break barriers’ should suggest that this is not your every day playlist post. It should also suggest this is a different sort of Brent Faulkner post.

Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters © Umvd

Ultimately, even as I shared the post today via social networks to promote it, part of me had some reservations. Sure, I penned the post and wanted to deliver something with a bit of edge, but still, this is also a post like none other. Sure, I’ve delved into atheistic themes within music, not to mention the irresponsibility of rap, but this is something different entirely.

Check it out if you dare, and decide for yourself how you view the post – too hot to handle, just right, or what? Is this post ‘uncomfortable’?

Photo Credits: © Columbia (Hozier), © Capitol (Sam Smith), © Umvd (Scissor Sisters)

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