10 Best Songs by Game

Game, Blood Moon- The Year of the Wolf © Entertainment One

On Tuesday, October 14, West Coast rapper Game dropped latest studio album, Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf. While Game’s numbers have downgraded as of late commercially (who hasn’t), the rapper has had quite a run that has included three #1 albums. Across all his albums, Game has delivered some sensational songs – more than the 10 gracing this list. That said, personally, these would be my picks as Game’s 10 best songs.

1) “Dreams” (The Documentary)

Game has had plenty of exceptional songs in his career, but none have surpassed this Kanye West produced classic.   This is Game at his best as well as Mr. West doing some of his most superb production work of his own career. The hook remains as memorable as ever: “Blushin’ in this 40 ounce, lettin’ the ink from my pen bleed / ‘cause Martin Luther King had a (dream) / Aaliyah had a (dream), Left Eye had a (dream)…”

2) “Hate It or Love It,” featuring 50 Cent (The Documentary)

There’s quite a viable argument that “Hate It or Love It” is Game’s best, even over “Dreams.” Give “Dreams” the edge for its ambition, but maybe just by a nose. This was definitely Game’s breakthrough song, even edging out “How We Do” (sits at #7 on this list). “Hate It Or Love It” peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

3) “Ali Bomaye,” featuring 2 Chainz & Rick Ross (Jesus Piece)

Too high – maybe for some, but personally, “Ali Bomaye” sounded like a bonafide hit from the first listening. How cool is it that Game used a Muhammad Ali cheer? Sure, 2 Chainz isn’t the most profound MC out there, but this record is nothing short of ‘fire’ anyway you examine it.

4) “Da Sh*t” (Doctor’s Advocate)

“I’ll let the whole world know that I can’t be stopped / even without Doc I’m stil from the (Streets of Compton).” Talk about a banger – “Da Sh*t” doesn’t disappoint in the least. Bad to the bone, on the hook, Game’s badness is highlighted: “I’m a G, you can’t see me / that must be, why you’re talkin’ / (shut your mouth b*tch) / I’m the sh*t, and you know it / never stops, there’s no stoppin’.”

5) “It’s Okay (One Blood),” featuring Junior Reid (Doctor’s Advocate)

Keeping it G, “It’s Okay (One Blood)” is every bit as aggressive, confident, and biting as “Da Sh*t.” Need proof – look no further than Game’s first line: “I’m the Doctor’s Advocate, n***a Dre shot ya / brought me back from the dead, that’s why they call him the doctor.”


6) “Never Can Say Goodbye,” featuring Latoiya Williams (LAX)

“Never Can Say Goodbye” is arguably one of Game’s most underrated songs. The dark horse of L.A.X., an album generally considered a shade below The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate in quality, “Never Can Say Goodbye” was a definite bright spot as Game remembers the best in the game. What game – the rap game – the dead legends.

7) “How We Do,” featuring 50 Cent (The Documentary)

“How We Do” was a Billboard 100 Top five hit. Only “Hate It Or Love It” gave Game a higher charting single. It’s definitely not amongst Game’s most profound singles ‘lyrically,’ but it drips in swag and confidence. 50 Cent’s hook seals the deal where that is concerned: “This is how we do / we make a move and act a fool while we in the club…”

8) “Red Nation,” featuring Lil Wayne (The R.E.D. Album)

While not quite on the same level as his best, “Red Nation” makes magnificent use of a sick Zombie Nation sample (“Kernkraft 400”). The hook is signature Lil Wayne:   “Now Blood the f*ck up / every day’s a gamble motherf*cker tough luck / and we gon’ f*ck the world ‘til that b*tch bust…” yeah, that’s enough!

9) “See No Evil,” featuring Kendrick Lamar & Tank (Jesus Piece)

“See No Evil” serves as arguably the second-best track from Game’s controversial Jesus Piece.   Of course Game shines, but what about the brilliant verse from the always-captivating Kendrick Lamar. Tank’s vocals get an odd treatment here, but you can still hear his soulfulness.

10) “Let’s Ride” (Doctor’s Advocate)

Profundity is not Game’s selling point on lets ride, particularly with lyrics like “Somebody tell me where the drinks at / where the b*tches at / you f*cking on the first night, meet me in the back,” but he does his West Coast thing capably if nothing more here. Regardless if “Let’s Ride” is devoid of substance at times, Game executes shallow well. And, he always keeps it G (“…I’m in the club on some gangsta sh*t”).

Photo Credits: © Aftermath, © Entertainment One

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