Ranking Keyshia Cole Albums and Favorite Songs

Keyshia Cole, Point of No Return (Deluxe) © Interscope

With a newly added sixth studio album to her discography, Keyshia Cole has built-up quite a body of work. For the most part, Cole has been extremely consistent, delivering big-voiced, authentic ballads like a champ throughout her albums. But “when the rubber meets the road,” there’s always a weaker link, and the same goes when ranking an artists discography. Here’s how Keyshia Cole’s six studio albums rank. (Note, Cole’s five previous albums were ranked by yours truly here).

By the way, my personal favorite song is highlighted in BLUE.

1) Just Like You (2007)

Keyshia Cole, Just Like You © Geffen

The Mary J. Blige references flew rampant in reference to Cole’s high-flying sophomore album, Just Like You. Consistent from start to finish, Cole has yet to one-up this contemporary R&B classic, featuring numerous hits led by “Let It Go,” which featured Missy Elliott and Lil Kim.


“Let It Go,” “Didn’t I Tell You,” “Give Me More,” “I Remember,” “Shoulda Let You Go,” “Heaven Sent”

★★★★ ½

2) The Way It Is (2005)

Keyshia Cole, The Way It Is © A&M

The debut album by an artist often sits atop their discography – it’s the first impression and often an excellent indicator of the artist’s ceiling and potential. For Cole, The Way It Is was the perfect debut because it set up Cole for continual success and plenty of critical acclaim. While it took a couple of singles to catch on to make The Way It Is really soar, the ‘goods’ were always in place.


“(I Just Want It) To Be Over,” “I Changed My Mind,” “Love, I Thought You Had My Back,” “I Should Have Cheated,” “Love,” “You’ve Changed”


3) A Different Me (2008)

Keyshia Cole, A Different Me © Geffen

The three-spot for this list was a close call. A Different Me and Woman To Woman are different albums from one another, but both equally worthwhile. A Different Me gets the slight edge because it had more of an impact than Woman To Woman. This album, compared to the aforementioned, lacked a big hit, but had some solid singles in “Playa Cardz Right” featuring 2Pac, and duet “Trust” with Monica. I’ve generally considered this album underrated.


“Make Me Over,” “Please Don’t Stop,” “Erotic,” “You Complete Me,” “Playa Cardz Right,” “Trust”


4) Woman To Woman (2012)

Keyshia Cole, Woman To Woman © Geffen

Along with A Different Me, this excellent album is among two that stick out as truly underappreciated in Cole’s discography. Even more than A Different Me, Woman To Woman lacked the traction of a hit to really propel it. That said, there are some truly superb performances via “Enough of No Love” (featuring Lil Wayne), “Trust and Believe,” and the enthusiastic “I Choose You” among others.


“Enough of No Love,” “Missing Me,” “Trust and Believe,” “Get It Right,” “Woman To Woman,” “I Choose You,”


5) Calling All Hearts (2010)

Keyshia Cole, Calling All Hearts © Geffen

Up until her latest album, Calling All Angels ranked at the bottom of Cole’s discography. That said it’s not a bad album in the least. The main rub with Calling All Hearts is it lacks the grandiose of Cole’s best. Still, “Long Way Down,” “Tired of Doing Me” (featuring Tank), “Take Me Away,” and “Last Hangover” ranks as the set’s best songs. Single “I Ain’t Thru” isn’t too shabby, nor is it top echelon.


“I Ain’t Thru,” “Long Way Down,” “Tired of Doing Me,” “Take Me Away” and “Last Hangover”


6) Point of No Return (2014)

Keyshia Cole, Point of No Return © Interscope

As sad as it is, Cole’s latest album, Point of No Return is her least heralded affair, from personal perspective at least. Lacking is the classy, heartfelt emotion of The Way It Is or Just Like You. Too often Keyshia Cole opts too ‘contemporary’ and it’s ill-fitting, such as “Rick James” or “New Nu.” The best moments hail from “Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away),” “She,” and the inspired “Remember (Part 2).”


“Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away),” “She,” and “Remember (Part 2)”


Photo Credits: © Interscope, © Geffen, © A&M

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