Jason Aldean Is the Hit, Everyone Else, Not So Much

Tinashe, Aquarius © RCA

Well folks, the fourth quarter has arrived – in the amount of new releases only… Read on…

Breaking news – Jason Aldean is expected to top the Billboard 200 with Old Boots, New Dirt. Shocker, right – NOPE! Billboard prognosticates Aldean to sell in the 300,000 copies ballpark, also not the least bit surprising. But with Aldean being the hit, everyone else isn’t quite as triumphant. Again, Aldean looks like he will be the sole new release to break past 100,000 copies. SMH!

Hozier © Columbia

Hozier, also unsurprisingly, looks to do well contextually speaking, as Billboard prognosticates 50,000 copies. While no one’s doing a victory lap about selling so few copies, for a burgeoning singer/songwriter not from the states, that’s impressive these days.   Beyond Hozier, the numbers are abysmal. The billboard article goes on to cite Weezer, Alex & Sierra, and Stevie Nicks as other top contenders, but none the numbers rise above 30,000 copies. Cuss words!

Keyshia Cole, Point of No Return © Interscope

Even worse, at least as a big-time urban music fan, are the omissions of newbie Tinashe (Aquarius) and reliable veteran Keyshia Cole (Point of No Return), who look to have flops on their hands. Where will they end up debuting and how much will they sell?

While Tinashe has no chart history to retrace, Cole does, managing debuts at #6, #2, #2, #9 and #10. Cole, notably has never sold under 89,000 copies her first week. Her most robust week came with 2008 effort A Different Me, which sold 322,000 copies. This week will be uncharted territory for the talented singer. Even the fourth quarter seems to be a victim of the ‘new normal’ of music sales.

Photo Credits: © Broken Bow (Jason Aldean), © RCA (Tinashe), © Columbia (Hozier), © Interscope (Keyshia Cole)

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