Pop/Rock Trio PUBLIC Shine on EP, ‘Let’s Make It’


PUBLIC Let's Make It EP

PUBLIC • Let’s Make It • PUBLIC • US Release Date: October 7, 2014 
PUBLIC are: John Vaughn, guitar & lead vocals // Matt Alvarado, bass & vocals // Ben Lapps, drums & vocals

When citing artists with similar sensibilities to burgeoning Cincinnati pop/rock trio PUBLIC, names that pop up include The Killers, Neon Trees, RIYL, and Walk The Moon. Speaking of Walk The Moon specifically, well, PUBLIC has and is currently supporting them for numerous shows in October. In other words folks, if you’re looking for a band go ‘gaga’ for, then look no further than PUBLIC, who have quite a sick sound.

An über-talented group discovered in 2011, judging by the band’s second EP, Let’s Make It, the ceiling is incredibly high for these newcomers. No, PUBLIC aren’t household names yet, but it’s certainly indisputable that they should be. Again, after listening to the five consistent, highly enjoyable songs gracing Let’s Make It, these dudes are meant to be stars. Rock on brethren, rock on!

“Pretty Face” exudes brightness – enthusiastic and bursting with energy. The sheer optimism of PUBLIC is something that many bands often eschew, so hearing this tilt toward the ‘brighter’ side is both respectable and refreshing. As far as the production, it’s top notch, particularly thanks to the driving rhythm of the drums, the ‘big’ vocals (vocal production in general), and the prominent bass among other things. Catchy and tremendously conceived PUBLIC leaves quite a rousing impression.

“My Love” proceeds, continuing on in a major key – nothing wrong with that! Once more, the vocals ‘pop’, and the overall production comes over as tidy, never suffering from being overcrowded with too many ideas. Throw in a dash of falsetto, and all feels “right as rain” (or something like that). Much like “Pretty Face,” the chorus is high-flying, truly putting “My Love” over the edge.


Admittedly a sucker for big fat bass line, to quote Sam Smith, “I’m Not The Only One,” ha-ha! There’s just something irresistible about that musical foundation on the bottom. Anyways, “Make You Mine” is dominated and accentuated by it’s robust bass, not to mention it’s hip, rhythmic guitar that propels the groove, keeping it ‘groovy’ of course!

Even sicker and slicker is “Little Raindrops,” easily the funkiest joint of the EP. Tongue-n-cheek, ambitious, and hella addictive all in one, PUBLIC ‘put their foot in it.’ While it’s hard to choose one standout among a crop as elite as these numbers, “Little Raindrops” just might be it.


Then after the dynamic number, PUBLIC pull back on the stunning, stripped balladry of “Alonely.” Sincerity and authenticity is something that has to be developed by the artist and can’t be taught. PUBLIC exhibit these natural qualities “Alonely.”

So friends and music lovers, take the opportunity to receive the tremendous gift of music and artistry that newbies PUBLIC have to offer. If you are already a fanboy or fangirl of the aforementioned acts, then you should definitely add this trio to your music listening rotation. You won’t be disappointed – they have the goods!

Favorites: “Pretty Face,” “Make You Mine,” “Little Raindrops”


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