Breezy Malone Keeps It Soulful on Single “Everything”

Breezy Malone • “Everything” (from upcoming Chanteuse EP) • Soulful Child Records 

Don’t let people lead you to believe that soul is dead – IT’S NOT!!! Sure, sales have cooled of considerably (bummer), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t supremely talented and viable soul artists doing their ‘thang.’ One such artist who definitely has the goods and vocal prowess to blow away many of her contemporaries is Breezy Malone. Malone has already released a truly terrific EP entitled Starts With Love earlier in 2014 (check out the review here), led by exceptional single “Love Face” and breathtaking bonus cut, “Run Away.”

The neo-soul artist is preparing another EP, Chanteuse, which is led by souled-up single “Everything.” There’s no sophomore effect to be found for Malone, who sounds better than ever. If you haven’t had a proper introduction to this remarkable up-and-coming musicianship, well then you need to get right on that, NOW! “Everything” is currently available as a free download here.

As for personal thoughts on her new single, there’s only so many adjectives to describe its exceptional throwback to a soul movement that should’ve never, ever cooled. Where the neo-soul ‘soul-diers’ may be few and far between in 2014, Breezy Malone is well equipped and eager to lead the charge. Join her soul movement y’all!

Photo Credits: © Soulful Child Records

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