Dim Sales During a Big Week for Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, and Prince 

Prince, ART OFFICIAL AGE © Warner Bros

Another loaded week of new releases was unleashed Tuesday, September 30. These star-studded releases where from preeminent artists including Prince, Lady Antebellum, and Blake Shelton. Prince even went so far as to release two albums following a five-year hiatus stateside (20Ten didn’t see the light of day here). Despite the supposed luster of the big releases, 2014 has not been kind sales wise and this week’s prognostications suggest that disheartening trend continues.

Blake Shelton, according to Billboard, has the best shot at a #1 bow. Shelton has become quite popular, something that couldn’t have been said at one time within Shelton’s career. Even with his newfound popularity (almost certainly due in part to his stint and big personality on NBC’s The Voice), Shelton’s Bringing Back the Sunshine isn’t set to bring that much sunniness to the Charts. 90,000 copies is the prediction currently.

To make things even more head shakable, Barbra Streisand will spend another week as a threat for the top spot. How? No disrespect to Barbra, but isn’t it kind of disappointing that with so many ‘hot’ releases the sales are ice cold? Lady Antebellum’s 747 is only aiming at 70,000 copies, nearly 100,000 copies off what Golden sold in 2013. Prince’s best chance, Art Official Age looks to only ‘officially’ sell 45,000 copies as Billboard suggests right now.   The numbers are offensive – MAN!

Blake Shelton, Prince, & Lady Antebellum Lead Albums To Check Out

This makes me wonder, down the line, can even Taylor Swift have another million-selling debut week? If there were ever a year where no artist could reach that milli mark, 2014 is that year. Can sales possible ‘turn up’? It doesn’t seem like it, as everybody seems to be “turning down.” It is what it is, as they say.

 Photo Credits: © Capitol Nashville, © Warner Bros

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  1. bottom line none of those albums are that memorable in IMO.Blake shelton is a safe middle of the road country pop act who is at the right place right time,lady antebellum are a nice act and i don’t see them getting more than what they have thus far,barbra stresisand got a safe record which will pick up after the holidays if it catches any fire. as for prince its all about the purple rain remastered, because nobody has sweated a prince record in a good minute. he never was a big seller anyway on a whole aside a handful of records. i just think and feel that the kind of record to put something on peoples minds ain’t happen yet. i’m not even a big beyonce fan,however she had the right record at the right time. these acts need to step up their game period

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