10 Urban Joints To Close September

Jhené Aiko, Souled Out © Def Jam

September has come to a close boys and girls… sorry, thought I was still teaching my music classes. Got your attention, right? Well September is concluding, and there were some notable urban albums and songs that were unleashed upon the world. Sure, everyone is crying over their album sales, but at least there a good song or two to spin… Here are 10 Urban joints to close September!

1) Prince, “The Breakdown”

Prince, ART OFFICIAL AGE © Warner Bros

It’s been years since the Purple One has sounded this invested – squeals, vocal grit, and tenderness all packed in one sensation ballad. 

2) Jennifer Hudson featuring R. Kelly, “It’s Your World”

Jennifer Hudson, JHUD © RCA

Jennifer Hudson shows she can dance with the best of ‘em throughout her third studio album, JHUD. Her collaborative effort with R. Kelly is definitely one of the albums best moments. 

3) Luke James featuring Rick Ross, “Options”

Luke James © Island 

On this deeply personal, emotional cut, Luke James spills his heart with the help of the Boss.

4) Lenny Kravitz, “Ooo Baby Baby”

Lenny Kravitz, Strut © Kobalt

Who would’ve thought that Lenny Kravitz could cover Smokey Robinson so compellingly? He sure does know how to Strut.

5) Chris Brown featuring Usher & Rick Ross, “New Flame”

Chris Brown, X © RCA

Brown is always best when he eschews his bad boy, but he doesn’t totally get that still on latest album X. Despite still trying to be ‘bad,’ “New Flame” is one of his most alluring songs, outshining everything else that graced that horrid thing called Fortune. 

6) Jhené Aiko, “The Pressure”

Jhené Aiko, Souled Out © Def JamJhené Aiko’s album Souled Out is definitely a heady, deep affair, but still quite accessible. “The Pressure” finds Aiko dealing with numerous pressures within her life, including that of a music career. 

7) Jennifer Hudson, “Dangerous”

Jennifer Hudson, JHUD © RCAThe opener from JHUD, Hudson proves that she can slaughter a neo-disco track like none other. Sure, ole girl danced a little on I Remember Me, but like “It’s Your World,” “Dangerous” helps to makes stepping her M.O. for the majority of JHUD.

8) Luke James, “Make Love To Me”

Luke James © Island

Yeah, it’s been around since 2012, but “Make Love To Me” just gracing the deluxe version of Luke James is a travesty. Hands down, this sensual jam is one of the best, if not the best of James’ underrated debut.   

9) Chris Brown, “Time for Love”

Chris Brown, X © RCA

Again, Brown’s best moments from X arrive when he isn’t being naughty. “Time For Love” is another one of those where he doesn’t go the misogynistic or hedonistic route. 

10) Prince, “Clouds”

Prince, ART OFFICIAL AGE © Warner Bros

While the urban flare of “Clouds” doesn’t supplant “The Breakdown,” it’s another slick, worthwhile jam for a resurgent Prince.

Photo Credits: ©RCA, @Def JAM, © Kobalt, ©Warner Bros, © Island

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  1. the only cut i can clap for is the J hud and R.Kelly one. the rest not feeling. still cool write up brother. peace

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