Let’s Play Catch-Up… Music Review Style!

Luke James © Island

Hello my wonderful blog followers! Wish I had a clever name for those who follow such an intellectually sound, somewhat crazy dude like myself, but alas I don’t. We’re going to play a game called catch-up Thursday – exciting right? Well, regardless of whether that title (or the game) tickles your fancy, this post is just updating some of the reviews yours truly has posted via the Internet.

Jennifer Hudson, JHUD © RCA

First, your boy dropped a review about his girl, Jennifer Hudson on starpulse.com entitled, Review: Jennifer Hudson’s Vocals Remain Impressive On ‘JHUD’. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from Hudson’s latest album – the whole dance vibe was an unexpected ‘look,’ not to mention that “Walk It Out” was exactly a hit single. Regardless of prejudging JHUD, it is among the year’s best R&B albums. Check out that review folks…and the album too!

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek To Cheek © Streamline/Interscope/ColumbiaOh and by the way, if you want to expand beyond JHUD this week in your shopping endeavors, here’s a list of thirteen albums you should check out. Guess who compiled it? Yep, you got it – ME!

On The Urban Music Scene, I dropped my first review in ages with a September 22 EP review for burgeoning R&B artist Kandace Springs, whose signed to Blue Note. Just a few days earlier, a review for the supremely talented Ann Hampton Callaway’s live Sarah Vaughan cover set appeared on PopMatters – busy man, right?

Pentatonix, PTX, Vol. III © RCA

On brentmusicreviews.com, Pentatonix received a mini-review, which posted September 24, 2014. The previous day, the underrated newcomer Luke James was the object of my musical affections, even if it didn’t quite make it to ★★★★ (★★★½ ain’t bad). Still, James has an exceptional, compelling voice.   (Review: Luke James Shows Off Lofty Potential on Self-Titled Debut).

Barbra Streisand, Partners © Columbia

Backtracking some more, Babs – aka Barbra Streisand – also dropped a hot album, entitled Partners. Via starpulse.com, yours truly also put the pen to the paper – well typed on the MacBook Pro – reflecting and analyzing the duets album (Review: Barbra Streisand Sounds Amazing On ‘Partners’). It was revealed on Wednesday, September 24, that Streisand had once more topped the Billboard 200 making history. She’s managed to have at least one number one album in the past six decades.

Chris Brown, X © RCA

Take it back a couple of more days, and Chris Brown got some ‘love.’ He rebounded well enough to receive some praise from me. That doesn’t mean I grew soft – I wasn’t feeling “Loyal” – but I give props when they are do. Additionally, Brown may have missed #1 this week on the Billboard Albums chart, but he did better than another artist with an oft-delayed album – cough Mariah Carey. JUST SAYIN’!

Nicki Minaj, Anaconda © Cash MoneyBesides reviews, the Brent Faulkner (that’s me of course, in case you need another ‘selfless’ reminder), has also written some opinionated, evergreen posts, including 10 of The Most Controversial Songs Of The 10s and 5 Musicians Experiencing A Horrible 2014 (With Bonus Tracks!). You should totally check that ‘hotness’ out!

So that’s about it. If you’re ever in shortage of your dosage of Brent Faulkner or brentmusicreviews.com, well, I’m (We’re) everywhere, literally!

Photo Credits: © RCA,© Island, © Streamline/Interscope/Columbia, © Columbia,© Cash Money

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