Ranking Chris Brown’s Albums

As hard to believe as it may be, resident ‘bad boy’ Chris Brown has released six studio albums. Oh it seems just like yesterday that Brown was singing about “running it” and then of course there was that career-turning incident with Rihanna. But this point isn’t judging Brown the man, but rather Brown the artist. Here’s how yours truly would rank each of Brown’s album one to six.

1) Exclusive (2007)

Chris Brown’s best album is his second album, Exclusive. This album was more mature than Chris Brown was yet not ‘over the edge’ like Fortune was. There were numerous notable records including #1 hit “Kiss Kiss” featuring T-Pain, “With You,” “Wall To Wall” and “Take You Down.”

2) F.A.M.E. (2011)

F.A.M.E. found Chris Brown exploring different sounds, specifically the first splashes of electro-pop we’d hear within his career. There were all sorts of different types of songs on this album, including the hip-hop banger “Look At Me Now,” the electro-infused “Beautiful People,” the Michael Jackson sampling “She Ain’t You,” and unapologetic contemporary R&B joints “Deuces” and “No BS.” Oh and what about “Yeah 3X?”

3) Chris Brown (2005)

Overall, Chris Brown was a fine debut album for a teen R&B singer. It was filled with hits and serves as the springboard for Brown’s career. “Run It!” was the song back in 2005, while “Say Goodbye” was a tremendous ballad, particularly given Brown’s distinct voice and vocal maturity. “Gimme That” had swag written all over it, as did more underrated single “Poppin’.” Even if Exclusive and F.A.M.E. could be considered better albums, Chris Brown may be the most important of the three.

4) X (2014)

X is a much closer attempt at the balance of F.A.M.E. than Fortune was. This much delayed effort is a solid album that finds Brown balancing his immature and more mature sides. He could’ve been classier without tracks the likes of “Loyal” because “New Flame” and “Time For Love” are much better suited to his vocal abilities and are less arrogant and misogynistic. It’s not another F.A.M.E. necessarily, but it is a solid rebound from Fortune.

5) Fortune (2012) 

The best way to describe this album is just by the expression “cuss words.” Maybe what’s hardest to believe is that there is an album that’s worse than this one in Brown’s discography. The arrogance, the misogyny, the indecipherable vocals…ugh! “Strip” and “Sweet Love” were decent moments, but the autotune of “Turn Up The Music” just leaves a horrid taste in one’s mouth.   Then there’s the profane “Bass Line” or the “Look At Me Now” retread “Till I Die.” It was an attempt to become even more of a bad boy and to build off of F.A.M.E. that feel painfully short.

6) Graffiti (2009)

Surely Brown just wants to forget he ever went here. He should. Enough said.

 Photo Credits: © RCA, Instagram / chrisbrownofficial

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  1. Jack says:

    Turn Up The Music is a top 10 Chris Brezzy song imo. And it doesnt deserve that bad treatment.

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