Quickie: 1 Favorite from Each Chris Brown Album 

Chris Brown is a name that no longer possesses the innocence of a bright, teenage R&B star. At one time, Brown wasn’t a bad boy, but rather a self-proclaimed country boy from Virginia. Throughout his career, Brown has evolved, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Regardless, with six albums under his belt (including X), here are five songs that are representative of each album prior to X. In other words, here’s one favorite from each Chris Brown album.

1) “Run It!” from Chris Brown (2005)


Rationale: This is the song that established Brown’s career; it marks his genesis as an R&B star.



2) “Kiss Kiss” featuring T-Pain, from Exclusive (2007)


Rationale: This catchy, well produced number one hit single showed Brown’s maturity between album one (Chris Brown) and album two, Exclusive.

3) “I Can Transform Ya” from Graffiti (2009)

Rationale: Graffiti was not a great album, nor was “I Can Transform Ya” a great single – had to choose one song to make this list work out.



4) “Look At Me Now,” featuring Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne from F.A.M.E. (2011)


Rationale: This was tough because this album had some nice contemporary R&B joints, but this hip-hop standout from F.A.M.E. was ear-catching, particularly Busta Rhymes’ agile verse.


But, if you had to choose an R&B joint from F.A.M.E., “Deuces” definitely stands out.



5) “Strip” featuring Kevin McCall from Fortune (2012)


Rationale: Another questionable Chris Brown album, Fortune is better than Graffiti was (at least relatively speaking). “Strip” lacks substance, but given the kind of album Fortune is, it’s better than some tracks!


What will be the representative track for X? Time will tell.

 Photo Credits: © RCA, instagram / chrisbrownofficial


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