Thoughts: Lecrae, ‘Anomaly’ 

Lecrae • Anomaly • Reach • US Release Date: September 9, 2014

Lecrae chooses to contrast the majority of rappers. Rather than spit about stacks, whips, and hoes, he chooses to spread a message with greater substance, ministering and lifting up ‘The Most High.’ On recent album Anomaly, the MC’s game has not changed – “Thank God.” He continues to take on a nonconformist approach, while still flaunting slick and sick rhymes. No, not everyone will be onboard with religious messaging, particularly in hip-hop, but despite religious affiliation and lack thereof, Lecrae definitely has legitimate talent.


Recently, yours truly penned a review of Anomaly on, which is linked here. As referenced in the aforementioned paragraph, Anomaly is another outstanding Lecrae album. Religious it is, Anomaly isn’t ‘in your face’ with its spiritual message, which may be part of the reason there such acclaim for the MC. With no misses, there are some top-echelon numbers.


“Outsiders,” for example, finds Lecrae embracing being different from his contemporaries, ultimately yielding an even farther-reaching message. On “Welcome To America,” Lecrae details ‘The American Dream’ being sadly and unfortunately deferred. Later on “Timepiece,” the MC disses the irresponsibility that is materialism in hip-hop, even going so far as to name drop ‘Audemars.’ One of the most fun listens is “Runners,” where Lecrae denounces involvement in mess, namely infidelity.


Through and through, Lecrae continues to reach out to the ‘Hip Hop generation,’ seeking to save the souls that might not be saved by traditional means. He may not impress grandmas or maybe even some daddies and mommas who will consider him too much of a ‘radical for Christ,’ but he offers the right balance for the youth, many of which are ‘starving’ and in need of a Word. As for my ears, and me, I’m on board!

Photo Credits: © Reach Records, © Instagram / lecrae



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