Bieber’s Tasteless Strip Tease Atones For Nada!

Justin Bieber’s recent skit gave everyone very little to BELIEB in… except for intense workouts at the gym.

Justin Bieber continues to give people plenty of reasons to dislike him. One of his more recent faux pas came by way of the Fashion Rocks event on CBS. Personally, I didn’t partake of the special in it’s fullest, but just happened upon arguably the worst moment of the broadcast. One dumb Bieber managed to make his way to the stage. The moment was made better by the boos for the 20-year old Canadian, who isn’t Mr. Popular in many a person’s book. But would some boos hold back Bieber at this point of his completely tarnished career? Of course not – nothing stops an invincible, cocky and privileged 20-year old who think he’s God’s gift.

What Bieber did next was something that made tools all over the world cringe. He put on a strip show for all to see. Yes, as if we hadn’t been privy enough already to Bieber’s abs and tats, we were bestowed upon the gift of Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs, not to mention some thigh action (*rolls eyes). Maybe this sounds appealing to you if you are a fan of Bieber pulchritude, but hotness doesn’t atone for irresponsibility, being a douche, or a general lack of regard for others.

Folks, no strip tease atones for the fact that Justin Bieber sucks. And don’t play the age/rebellious card – there are plenty of 20-years old that act with more maturity and tact than Bieber, who’s frankly a hot mess. Sure, we’d rather here about Bieber stripping than potentially killing someone by driving recklessly or high like an idiot, but still, it’s not a good look… morally of course.

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