8 Artists: Buy or Sell?

Prince, ART OFFICIAL AGE © Warner Bros

Musicians in particular are known for their respective personalities, controversies, and of course how successful they are or aren’t commercially. Assembling a list of eight big names who have all yielded tremendous success not absent of some sort of controversy or pushback, this post seeks to make a judgement about the state of each artist’s career. If the career is flourishing on most/all cylinders, then this dude is buying. But if things are only so-so or the hole seems too deep for the respective artists to dig themselves out, well then “sell baby, SELL!”

1) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Believe © Island

Using the year’s most popular soundtrack song, “Let it go, let it go!” In other words, SELL BABY, SELL! Bieber’s once hot stock has plummeted into something awful following his poor, irresponsible behavior. To put it frankly, his attitude sucks. Whether Bieber realizes it or not, he’s screwed up a career numerous others would’ve loved to have had by tarnishing his once squeaky clean reputation.

2) Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, Anaconda © Cash Money

BUY! Yes, Minaj is crazy as a loon, but she definitely keeps things ‘interesting.’ “Anaconda” is a raunchy as it comes, and that’s saying/accomplishing something following “Beez in the Trap.” Minaj just might make Missy Elliott blush; she certainly makes “Work It” seem tame comparatively. Bananas, coconuts, whipped cream, legs and of course assets.

3) Chris Brown

Chris Brown, X © RCAThis one’s easy – SELL. Who cares if Brown is releasing his long awaited X September 16? Well, maybe we care, but not to the degree of his work of the past. Brown has lost his artistic luster. All the bad behavior and arrogance have compromised the singer’s music. Yes, he can still sing his face off, but the personality, much like Bieber sucks. The image is horrid. SELL, SELL, SELL! 

4) Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, 1989 © Big MachineBUY of course – did you really think it would be anything other than, buy? Yes, Swift has her share of flaws, but it’s hard to vote against her. “Shake It Off” marks a new ‘look’ for Swift and so far, it’s highly effective.

5) Lady Gaga

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek To Cheek © Streamline/Columbia/Interscope THE JURY’S STILL OUT… Gaga is at a crossroads within her career. ARTPOP was that album that was ‘less successful’ and lacked the staying power of her previous juggernauts. On the other hand, Gaga has already shown a collaborative album with Tony Bennett isn’t far-fetched, killing it on duet “The Lady Is A Trap” from Bennett’s Duets II. 

6) Usher

Usher, She Came To Give It To You © RCAThis one sort of hurts, particularly being an Usher fan… SELL. This outing, Mr. Raymond seems a couple of steps behind. I still believe in him and can’t wait for a new album, but it seems that some of the swag has fallen by the wayside.

7) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, BANGERZ © RCA

SELL! Over it with Miley! Everybody else should be over the mess at this point too. Nothing more to say – ‘nuff said! 

8) Prince


BUY… Yes literally, buy Prince’s upcoming albums ART OFFICIAL AGE and
RUMELECTRUM. Prince’s last album was a bit underwhelming and nothing has been on the level of Musicology (2004) or 3121 (2006). That said, it seems this go around, Prince is on that comeback sh… “shut yo mouth!”

Photo Credits: © Cash Money, © Warner Bros, © Island, ©RCA, © Streamline/Columbia/Interscope, © Big Machine

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  1. sell all because none of them got prime or peak material. prince ain’t counted since the late 80’s,usher fell off after 04, tayor swift will sell and yet not hit like she had, nicki all of her best material is behind her and i ain’t talking about the music neither,chris brown fine like china was the cut,however he still has no idenity and his voice still ain’t matched his feet.missy if this was 98=01.

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