Maroon 5 Love…

On September 2 – this guy’s birthday – Maroon 5 dropped their fifth studio album, V. Heading up to the release of V, I composed a couple of different articles centering around a personal favorite band. Yeah, yeah, Maroon 5 got some criticism from yours truly in regards to their Overexposed album, but that never meant I would skip future albums.

So to catchy you up, make sure that you checked out my August 29, 2014 post, Music Spotlight: Ranking Maroon 5’s Albums. To summarize the brief post, Maroon 5’s albums coincidentally ended up being ranked in the order of their release. Even so, I argued potentially different rankings as well.

The post many might’ve missed out on is one I submitted via The name of that post is simply titled 12 Best Maroon 5 Songs. No, it’s not a sexy, cutting edge title, but it’s plain and simple. If you haven’t read this one in particular, please read – every view counts after all! The post gets my approval – but then again, I’m biased.

Photo Credits: © Interscope, © Instagram / maroon5


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