The ‘Birthday’ Album: Celebration Playlist

Katy Perry, "Birthday" © Capitol

So… two years ago, I composed a post that was titled Three Songs With The Word “Birthday” In Them To Celebrate My Birthday. Now two years later, also on my birthday, I’m celebrating with an expansion of that brief playlist. Call this the ‘Birthday’ Album – a playlist comprised of 14 songs celebrating my birthday. Some are truly great birthday songs, while others are left field and left of center. The only stipulation – all song titles had to contain the word “birthday.” A couple of songs are reprisals from the original.

1) 2 Chainz featuring Kanye West, “Birthday Song” (Based on a T.R.U. Story, 2012)

“All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe / all I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.” While it’s a catchy line from a hella catchy song, I can’t exactly relate with 2 Chainz’s aspirations for his birthday. Love is one thing, but 2 Chainz is clearly thinking with his pants and temporarily.


2) Katy Perry, “Birthday” (Prism, 2013)

“Boy, when you’re with me, I’ll give you a taste / Make it like your birthday everyday.” Who would deny this from Katy Perry? Offer accepted!


3) Jeremih, “Birthday Sex” (Jeremih, 2009)

“Girl you know I-I-I…just need your body to make / birthday sex / birthday sex.” So basically, Jeremih is seeking the ultimate birthday gift of sorts – at least from a young man’s perspective.

Dethklok, The Dethalbum © Williams Street

4) Dethklok, “Birthday Dethday” (The Dethalbum, 2007)

Well… the title sounded cool, yet very dark and DISTURBING. Not sure that it’s an ideal to celebrate one’s birthday. Won’t be supplanting the classic “Happy Birthday” for me at least… Lines like “Now you’re old and full of hatred / take a pill to masturbatred” or “One more year of further suffering / there’s no point of f*cking bluffing” aren’t exactly endearing… just saying!


5) Twista, “Birthday” (Category F5, 2009)

This one would definitely pair up well with 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song” and has to be related to Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex.” Birthdays have become freaky events, apparently… This is one for the strip clubs, not a family-friendly celebration of another year of WISDOM.


6) Rihanna, “Birthday Cake” (Talk That Talk, 2011)

Speaking of freaky… Da-yum! “Come and put your name on it,” “But he wanna lick the icing off,” and “I know you want to bite this” have nothing to do with the delicious dessert that is birthday cake. This song has more in common with say Trey Songz’s “Cake” from Trigga. Ri Ri, you so nassssttttyyyy girl!


7) Kings of Leon, “Birthday” (Come Around Sundown, 2010)

Finally, something a bit cleaner! “We’re going to come together / we’re going to celebrate / we’re going to gather round / like it’s your birthday.” That’s more the spirit, after the birthday celebration became a bit too lascivious.

Stevie Wonder, Hotter Than July © Motown

8) Stevie Wonder, “Happy Birthday” (Hotter Than July, 1980)

Even more appropriate to the occasion than King of Leon’s “Birthday” is Stevie Wonder’s feel-good cut from his album Hotter Than July. You can’t go wrong with Stevie, or this innocent celebratory jam that serves as a sensational alternative to the tried-and-true standard.


9) R. Kelly, “It’s Your Birthday” (Happy People / U Saved Me, 2004)

Normally, it would be assumed that R. Kelly would turn something like a birthday into something overtly sexual. Surprisingly, Kelly reins him self in, keeping things classy. Of course, Happy People / U Saved Me was among Kelly’s most conservative releases as a whole.


10) Conway Twitty, “Happy Birthday Darlin’” (The #1 Hits Collection, 2000)

Classic, classic, classic! “Happy birthday darlin’/ I’ve no presents, no fancy cake / but I hope I’ll make you happy / with everything I take…”


11) Pleasure P, “Birthday Suit” (The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, 2009)

So, the birthday just got freaky again… thanks Pleasure P. At least you can sing like champ, LOL.


12) Selena Gomez, “Birthday” (Stars Dance, 2013)

This list is beginning to go south… Anyone who read my lovely review of Stars Dance from last year knows how I feel about ole girl – let’s leave it at that! But even as annoying as this little joint is, it is catchy…

Beach Fossils, Clash The Truth © Captured Tracks

13) Beach Fossils, “Birthday” (Clash The Truth, 2013)

Beach Fossils’ “Birthday” is definitely an interesting song – little to do with cake or ice cream though. Oh well, you win some on a ‘birthday’ playlist and you lose some. I don’t recommend supplanting this one with more traditional fare – no shade Beach Fossils.


14) Swizz Beatz featuring Chris Brown & Ludacris, “Everyday Birthday” (2012)

“Everyday is your birthday now hit the floor!” Club birthday joint – let’s get it!

Photo Credits: © Def Jam, © Capitol,  © Williams Street, © Motown, © Captured Tracks

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