Review: Rob Bass Keeps it Classy on ‘The Detroit EP’

Rob Bass - The Detroit EP © Soulful Child Records

Rob Bass • The Detroit EP • Soulful Child • Release Date: August 6, 2014

Rob Bass keeps things ‘contemporarily old school’ on his soulful, worthwhile EP, The Detroit EP. Yes, the R&B musician could’ve elected for the latest trends within urban circles, which often exclude that archaic element called chivalry, but instead, Bass delivers an EP that is like ‘music to one’s ears’ because of its genuine sound, lack of four letter words, and amplification of legitimate romance. 

“I Wish” opens The Detroit EP soundly and soulfully. Using the same instrumental backdrop as Breezy Malone used on her own top-notch “Love Face” (Starts With Love EP), Bass delivers a compelling, memorable performance. One of the best moments of the high-flying opener is when Bass lifts from classic “Hit The Road Jack”: “Hit the road jack / and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more…”

“Get This Started” follows featuring Easy Lee. The song opens with poetic spoken word courtesy of Lee, before diving right into the bread and butter of the soulful joint. Vocally, Bass continues to captivate much like he did on “I Wish.” Lyrics such as “It might be a nice night to take a drive / it might be a little cloudy outside…we can get together and get this started,” help to make “Get This Started” a truly memorable, worthwhile listen.

“Voicemail” continues to exhibit a swagger that characterizes The Detroit EP as a whole. Vocally, Bass continues to impress with his silky, smooth pipes, while sound is old school, yet contemporary. On “Voicemail,” Bass sensationally checks off the adult contemporary R&B box. Grown and sexy without crossing the lines – often the trend in contemporary R&B – Bass continues to keep things classy.

On “I Don’t Wanna Lose,” Bass is only focused on one “ten” and that’s “you” – or rather ‘her.’ Often when referencing ‘dimes,’ the sentiment is one of pleasure without much more substance to match. Like everything else, Bass remains responsible, something many R&B artists can’t claim. Well produced (particularly those slick drums) like the previous three tracks, the complaints are minimal if there are any at all.

Closing cut “Take Me To The City” features Jennifer Powell, Worldwide, and Easy Lee. Lush and groovy like everything else, “Take Me To The City” features some jazzy cues and a nice melody. It’s repetitive to an extent, but given its attributes – particularly lushness – the repeated portions are welcome and well suited.

Ultimately, The Detroit EP proves to be a great, brief showcase of Rob Bass. The dude can definitely sing as well as keep the soul, well soulful. Nothing is reinvented here, but muscles are certainly flexed, and those are some buff biceps!

Favorites: “I Wish,” “Get This Started,” “Take Me To The City”


Photo Credits: © Soulful Child Records

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