Music Spotlight: Ranking Maroon 5’s Albums

Maroon 5, V © InterscopeMy love for Maroon 5 stands tall. Songs About Jane will always be one of my favorite albums – period. That said Overexposed was a ‘weaker cup of coffee’ where Hands All Over was brewed incredibly strong. But enough about coffee, with their fifth studio album V arriving September 2 (my birthday, holla!), here is how this guy would rank Maroon 5’s four studio albums.

Maroon 5, Songs About Jane © J Records / Octone

1) Songs About Jane (2002) 

Maroon 5, It Won't Be Soon Before Long © A&M / Octone

2) It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007)

Maroon 5, Hands All Over © A&M / Octone

3) Hands All Over (2010)

Maroon 5, Overexposed © A&M / Octone

4) Overexposed (2012)

Well that was easy – and sort of boring. So, what’s interesting about ranking Maroon 5’s albums from a personal perspective is that it corresponds with the order each album was released. It could be argued that both It Won’t Be Soon Before Long and Hands All Over are actually better than debut album Songs About Jane. That said, if one is to be deemed a classic, it’s more likely Songs About Jane, which is a ‘top heavy’ album with juggernauts “This Love” and “She Will Be Loved.

As for Overexposed, well maybe the band had been ‘overexposed’ to pop clichés by the time the album bowed in 2012. It’s got hits mind you (“Payphone” and “One More Night” being the elite), but it’s an album that has less character than the three that precede it. It feels that “Moves Like Jagger,” a #1 hit was a huge turning point in Maroon 5’s career, and led to a more trendy pop sound.

As for It Won’t Be Soon Before Long and Hands All Over, both are excellent albums. Arguably, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long gets a slight edge over Hands, but mostly because of the hits produced from it – “Makes Me Wonder” leading the charge. Still, Hands All Over featured an underrated gem in “Misery.” Personally, the soulful influence apparent throughout Hands All Over might be even more appealing personally than It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.

Where will V fall into Maroon 5’s discography? Judging by “Maps,” it will be below the band’s top three and either a notch above, level pegging, or notch below Overexposed.

Photo Credits: © Interscope, © A&M / Octone, © J Records / Octone

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